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Media, government and binge drinking
James Nicholls

16 Drinking responsibly: media, government and binge drinking Rights and responsibilities are at the heart of the Government’s approach to alcohol. (Safe. Sensible. Social., Department of Health, 2007) The consistent picture which emerges is of a central government which is determined to be toothless with respect to alcohol policy. (Robin Room) During the passage of the Licensing Bill there was some concern over 24hour licensing but the issue in no way dominated public debate. It was not until the start of the following year that the tone changed. Over the

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Tony Fitzpatrick

citizenship 37 ciples of reciprocal justice. The essential reason for this lies in New Labour’s insistence that rights and responsibilities should balance. I want to examine citizenship in more detail later on, but New Labour’s point is that because social goods are the product of social cooperation, then those who share those goods are obligated to make a roughly proportionate contribution to the productive activities of that society or to demonstrate why they cannot. Hence the doctrine that has constantly informed their welfare reforms – work for those who can, security

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Charles V. Reed

in a twentieth-century sense, but embraced Britishness and imperial citizenship, the rights and responsibilities of citizen-subjects of the Queen and the co-ownership of a global empire. While these ideas manifested themselves in diverse and often conflicting ways, they informed the lives of ‘overseas Britons’, many of whom had no ethnic or racial claim to Britishness, and made an imperial culture

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Continuities and contradictions underpinning Amitai Etzioni’s communitarian influence on New Labour
Simon Prideaux

different message. True to maintaining the ideal of traditional family forms, the proposals recommend: ‘an increased role for registrars in marriage guidance; a statement of the rights and responsibilities of marriage and the ceremony; the restructuring of marriage counselling to place greater stress on saving marriages; and funding for marriage advice centres’. 67 The wistful tone, content and

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considered – and many ideas about regulation that we have not explored. But we hope that it will provide a method of cultural exchange, give some interesting perspectives and stimulate further debates on issues relating to science, freedom of research and individual rights and responsibilities. Notes 1 (last accessed 26 October 2017). 2 (last accessed 26 October 2017). 3 (last accessed 26 October 2017). 4 www

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Daniel Gorman

unspoken, notions of British citizenship, which is why they stressed imperial loyalty, unity, service, education, and ‘character’. A citizenship built upon liberalism and tolerance is at its heart consensual. Citizenship has a dual nature: it is both a political idea, setting out the rights and responsibilities of membership of a state, and a social and cultural idea, a collective

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Kate Bradley

edited by lawyer and broadcaster Marcel Berlins. The Consumers’ Association was founded in 1957 to educate consumers about their rights and responsibilities as well as campaigning for better product safety and service.17 The Law and You was part of the Consumers’ Association’s offer to its members, being a volume for a home library in an affordable format. Offering a reference guide with basic legal principles and guidance was a method of ‘soft’ campaigning, giving the individual a source of information that could be called upon when needed – and that came with the

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Britishness, respectability, and imperial citizenship
Charles V. Reed

touched by the display of loyalty’ from his father’s subjects of colour. 1 In the person of the duke and in the memory of the duke’s grandmother the Great Queen, Peregrino invested in the promise of an inclusive, non-racial imperial citizenship, the rights and responsibilities of which would be shared by all of Britain’s colonial subjects regardless of colour or creed. Born in Accra in Gold Coast

in Royal tourists, colonial subjects and the making of a British world, 1860–1911
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Charles V. Reed

power; and settlers of European descent and people of colour in the empire who made claims on the rights and responsibilities of imperial citizenship and as co-owners of Britain’s global empire. The work suggests that the diverse responses to the royal tours of the nineteenth century demonstrate how a multi-centred imperial culture was forged in the empire and was constantly made and remade

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Will Leggett

citizens to help themselves (‘a hand up and not a hand-out’), the strategy is one of displacing, from the level of the State to that of the individual, some of the contemporary problems of government. Morrison suggests that a key objective of New Labour’s ‘rights and responsibilities’ citizenship discourse is that citizens are to be equipped as competent members of the global

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