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Towards an American ecofeminist Gothic
Emily Carr

status’ (79); about the extinction of wildebeests who, with their ‘big, cubistic heads and mismatched features’ are ‘dying over and over again against the indifferent fence with the water just beyond it’ (39–40); in praise of the shark and former punk-metal headliner Wendy Williams, who in middle age moves ‘from the right to be smutty to the right to die violently by her own hand’ (100); and about her

in Ecogothic
Kerstin Bergman

’s ‘provocative self-fashioning sets her tough looks up against the history of her childhood, which, as it unfolds in the courtroom, renders her punk masquerade into a pathetic and painful cover for her broken childhood and her status as ward of the state’ ( 2016 : 355). At this point in the story, Salander has grown up and gained further insights about the world around her. She is well aware of the impression her appearance makes, and skilfully uses this to her advantage. DAVID LAGERCRANTZ’S TAKE ON SALANDER’S TATTOOS David

in Tattoos in crime and detective narratives
Verena Höfig

December 2018.Manosphere is the collective term used for the hundreds of websites, forums, and blogs dedicated to male supremacy and men’s rights (which see feminism and gender equality as a violation of nature). 18 Jack Donovan, ‘Books’, Jack Donovan , , last accessed 1 December 2018. 19 ‘ Brutal Co collections: more’, Brutal Co , , last accessed 1 December 2018. 20 Eric Wallace, ‘ECO PUNKS: the Wolves of Vinland badasses dare you to re-wild yourself’, Blue Ridge

in From Iceland to the Americas
Steve Sohmer

mice-eyed empower writers More than a few years ago when I was in my salad days and bent on ‘seeing the world’, a Czech friend took me to a dingy club in Prague where a mob of dirty young people had assembled to listen to a dirty young band who played a brand of music we remember as ‘garage rock’ or ‘garage punk’ but that sounded like anarchy with a

in Reading Shakespeare’s mind
Abstract only
Coupland's contexts
Andrew Tate

Coupland’s fiction and aspects of the 1990s Washington State grunge music scene.27 The coincidence of the author’s geographical association with the Pacific Northwest certainly strengthened these connections. Nevermind, Nirvana’s second album, was released in September 1991, six months after the publication of Generation X. Its themes of generational discontent, disillusion and disaffection, reaching their most intense (and commercially successful) on ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ – issues vital to the novel – were probably new only to those who had neither heard a punk

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Street and theatre at the end of Fordism
David Calder

relocation, inextricably linked to changes in work and labour. Bivouac begins with the appearance of eighteen performers wearing light grey suits and caked in heavy blue pigment. The make-up has dried to a bright cerulean on the performers’ exposed skin but remains a wet, dark cobalt in their hair. The gloppy substance glues their coiffures into sticky mohawks and other punk formations. Most of the performers have paired their suit jackets with short trousers that extend just past the knee; their lower legs are smeared with the same shocking blue. They wear heavy duty work

in Street theatre and the production of postindustrial space
The role of the Centro de Formación Literaria Onelio Jorge Cardoso and the movement of talleres literarios
Par Kumaraswami, Antoni Kapcia and Meesha Nehru

Benedetti (‘Mensajes de los intelectuales’, 2002). 3 The evidence for this case study is taken from my doctoral thesis, A Literary Culture in Common: The Movement of Talleres Literarios in Cuba 1960s-2000s (Nehru, 2010). 4 That period had produced groups such as Seis del Ochenta and El Establo, and the novismos, often self-identified as marginal characters, such as roqueros (rockers), friquis (freaks/punks/hippies), drug users or other delincuentes, or wrote about them in their work (Rosales, 2002; Fornet, 2006: 5). Often long unpublished, these groups initially existed

in Literary culture in Cuba
The 1988–89 NYSF Coriolanus
Robert Ormsby

-hero. The audience giggle at Chris and like that Shakespeare should be grabbed by the scruff and dragged down Delancey Street [in Manhattan’s Lower East Side], the home of delis and street graft spawning the small-time punk who becomes a parody of himself singing his ultra-limited vocabulary and body language and thus lionized and exalted in a thousand movies

in Coriolanus
Transformations, vampires and language in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Malgorzata Drewniok

Drusilla and Wesley) they avoid superficiality. 25 Spike transgresses human/vampire boundaries. As a newly turned vampire he returns as a threat to his mother. As a punk vampire (his first appearance on the show) he upsets the status quo in Sunnydale, threatening both the Scoobies and the Order of Aurelius. 26 And later, as an ensouled vampire and one of the

in Open Graves, Open Minds
Social commentary of 1980s Britain in Clive Barker’s Weaveworld
Edward Timothy Wallington

-powerful male, while O’Hara would be the irrational, emotional beauty who needed to be tamed or rescued. 27 Anita Roddick founded the highly successful chain of environmentally friendly Body Shop stores in 1976. Vivienne Westwood gained fame for successfully marketing punk

in Clive Barker