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Tony Chafer and Alexander Keese

involvement in sub-Saharan Africa (see for example the Dossiers noirs de la politique africaine de la France, of which 23 have been published, 1995–2009; Verschave 1998, 2000; Deltombe et al. 2011). Indeed, conspiracy theories find fertile ground in the literature on Franco-African relations precisely because they have been dominated by secrecy. Moreover, France has in many cases done precisely what the conspiracy theories claim that it does – destabilise or prop up African regimes that are perceived as pro-French in order to further French interests. Moreover, this

in Francophone Africa at fifty
The Bank Job (2008) and the British heist movie
James Chapman

made headline news but after several days, newspapers stopped reporting it: this led to speculation that the government had issued a ‘D Notice’ to suppress the story on the grounds of national security. A conspiracy theory later emerged that the robbery had been set up by the Security Service (MI5) in order to retrieve sexually compromising photographs of the Queen’s sister

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Alison Phipps

conspiracy. Sex workers and their allies are dismissed as the ‘pimp lobby’. Trans people and their allies become the ‘trans cabal’, or in an incredibly offensive formulation, the ‘trans Taliban’. There have been comparisons between sex 149 PHIPPS 9781526147172 PRINT.indd 149 14/01/2020 13:18 Me, not you workers and arms dealers, and trans people and ‘big pharma’, which betray a fascistic tendency to invest the enemy with immense power. And any challenge to reactionary feminist views is repackaged, via these conspiracy theories, as evidence that they are indeed right

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Lucy P. Chester

conspiracy theories are based on a distortion of the established facts. The ‘bumbler’ school of historiography seems on the surface more credible. However, I argue that the peculiarities of the boundary commission must be understood in the context of British, League and Congress political imperatives. This book aims to show the boundary commission’s place in the run-up to partition, particularly within

in Borders and conflict in South Asia
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Robert H. MacDonald

signifying system is shared by the group, and this system works politically. A case can be made that the manipulation of public opinion by Rhodes and the officers of the Chartered Company led directly to the successful invasion and colonisation of Mashonaland and Matabebeland; this might at first sight seem plausible, yet on reflection appear simplistic, suggestive of conspiracy theory and a gullible press

in The language of empire
Kipling and the Jews
Bryan Cheyette

conspiracy theories were freely deployed by Kipling and intensified after the First World War. They were associated, as we will see, with the perceived loss of Empire (beginning with the failure of the Jameson Raid) which was related to the inability of ‘the Jews’ to act like ‘white men’. In South Africa, at the turn of the century, Jews were deemed to have helped maintain the Empire, not unlike the idealised ‘Man of the Future’ who Kipling in 1899 hoped would shape the United States: Wait till the Anglo-American-German-Jew – the Man of the Future – is properly equipped

in In Time’s eye
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Douglas Morrey and Alison Smith

mind of the spectator, over and above the disavowals provided by dialogue. The investigation of secrets in Rivette’s films is productive of meta-narrative forms: secrets, by inviting enquiry, generate narrative and so these stories become labyrinthine tales of their own inception and nourishment. At the same time, though, these paranoid conspiracy theories are not only the fabrication of the characters’ minds but also relate

in Jacques Rivette
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Narrative, conspiracy, community
Douglas Morrey and Alison Smith

Philip Kauffman (Daniel Croheim) and a woman named Terry Yordan (Françoise Prévost), formerly Philip’s lover, who is now seeing Gérard. Another of Terry’s lovers, Juan, has recently died, apparently from suicide, although some of his friends suspect he was murdered. As she becomes more involved with this group of people, taking a role in Gérard’s production of Pericles , Anne is gradually taken in by the conspiracy theories of

in Jacques Rivette
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R.J.B. Bosworth​ u​tri/01-09-2010/articolo-id=470544-page=0-comments=1. The respectable publishing house was moving to make them available in book form.  6​ill-​ ordered-assassination-of-Mussolini-to-protect-compromising-letters.html (acc­e­s­ sed 6 September 2010). For De Felice’s conspiracy theory in this regard, see his Rosso e Nero, ed. P. Chessa (Milan: Baldini & Castoldi, 1995), pp. 147–8.  7 (accessed 6

in The cult of the Duce
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Anne Byrne

, Traumatic Politics: The deputies and the king in the early French Revolution (Pennsylvania, 2009).  3 On the importance of ideas of threat and conspiracy, see Marisa Linton, Choosing Terror: Virtue, friendship and authenticity in the French Revolution (Oxford, 2013); Peter R. Campbell, Thomas E. Kaiser and Marisa Linton, Conspiracy in the French Revolution (Manchester, 2010); Barry Coward and Julian Swann (editors) Conspiracy and Conspiracy Theories in Early Modern Europe (Aldershot, 2004).  4 Tackett, Becoming a Revolutionary, 76.  5 Linton, Choosing Terror, 24.   6 Michel

in Death and the crown