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The Holocaust as a yardstick
Amikam Nachmani

thus links the Sabbath goy with Zionist strategy, motivated by Islamophobia, xenophobia and anti-Communism, all clear and pure Israeli interests.98 All this, claim the supporters of the Sabbath goy conspiracy theory, rang ‘very sensibly and logically’ true and led to a ‘clear’ Israeli/Jewish involvement in the Oslo massacre. In fact, as in many other calamities, and as quoted by Günther Jikeli and the Kantor Center at Tel Aviv University, ‘pure logic’ prevails that proves all the above. For example, 9/11 was not committed by Muslims (this is a ‘bullshit’ explanation

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Cas Mudde

becoming a conspiracy theory in which the back-stage is always the one behind that which is being researched (cf. Dahl’s (1989: 272) argument regarding the testing of theories of minority domination), this study has sought to distinguish the two ‘stages’ of the parties on the basis of the primary orientation of the party literature. Externally oriented literature such as election and party programmes, as well as brochures, were taken as indicators of the front-stage, whereas internally oriented literature such as party papers were seen as indicators of the back-stage. In

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Gareth Atkins

outwardly but inwardly too to the authoritative pronouncements of their superiors, 136 Making and remaking saints acquiescing perinde ac cadaverum (‘in the manner of a corpse’). ‘If [the Church] shall have defined anything to be black which to our eyes appears to be white,’ ran Ignatius’s Exercises in a new edition, ‘we ought in like manner to pronounce it to be black.’57 Conspiracy theories about Jesuit brainwashing lurked behind Carlyle’s semi-­coherent rantings about Ignatius in his Latter Day Pamphlets of 1850, behind Kingsley’s flailing attack on Newman in 1864

in Making and remaking saints in nineteenth-century Britain
Alexander Morrison

Issyq-​Kul and in the Chu Valley of their indigenous population to make way for a new wave of the Russian settlers whose presence had been largely responsible for provoking the revolt in the first place.3 At least one early Soviet account, by G.  I. Broido, alleged that the revolt had been deliberately provoked to provide an excuse for punitive measures that would allow still more Kyrgyz land to be appropriated for settlers.4 Broido’s allegation that the revolt itself was a deliberate provocation (provokatsiya) is typical of the wild conspiracy theories that

in The Central Asian Revolt of 1916
Patrick Collinson

proclamation of 5 November 1602, which was the first governmental utterance to admit the existence of the Appellants, banished all priests from the realm. There is evidence that Bancroft assisted with the drafting of the proclamation and may even have been the author of it.60 Bancroft, conspiracy theory, and the Jacobean succession? We have now to try to resolve the question of what Bancroft was really up to in these questionable dealings; how far they were, primarily, his dealings; and, in particular, what they may have had to do with the succession. According to one

in Doubtful and dangerous
Verena Höfig

, capitalism, and communism as forces that led to the degeneration of a former ‘Aryan’ high culture. 45 She was furthermore a firm believer in an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, according to which American society was secretly controlled by a large Jewish network, which suppressed any political movement that could spread racial consciousness among white people. 46 Else Christensen began her political career in Denmark, first as an anarchist, then as a member of the national-Bolshevist wing of the Nazi movement. She left Europe after the Second World War, and first

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David Coast

literature from 5 Coast_News_Rumour_Printer.indd 5 28/03/2014 15:22 Introduction Virgil to Shakespeare as harbingers of popular sedition.21 False reports could play a crucial role in generating the mutual suspicions and conspiracy theories which were the breeding ground for popular uprisings and civil war, and naturally monarchs attempted to suppress them. Historians who have relied on the court records of individuals prosecuted for spreading false rumours have tended to overlook evidence of popular scepticism, and have underestimated the involvement of elites in

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Russia’s resonances in late Elizabethan England
Felicity Jane Stout

’ of the regime for those readers who were familiar either with the texts themselves or with an outline of the conspiracy theory that they espoused and the scandal that these publications caused.39 This is not to suggest, of course, that Fletcher had any sympathy with the writers of ‘Leicester’s Commonwealth’ or A Treatise of Treasons. Similar accusations of ‘evil counsel’ were being brought against the Guise faction in France, for instance.40 French pamphlets brought over and translated into English expounded on ‘the Tiranni of the house of Guise, robbers of the

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Encountering the monstrous in American cinema
Susan J. Tyburski

an increasing menace that surrounds the human inhabitants of our planet. Like the white Arctic canvas against which the characters project their anxieties and fears in The Last Winter , the wind, as well as the rustling greenery, become the raw materials from which the characters in The Happening – as well as the audience – create eco-conspiracy theories. The film opens in New York City

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The battle for consensus in A Very British Coup (Channel 4, 1988)
Joseph Oldham

if  an intervention by the ‘real masters’ behind society might occur. Further inspiration came from the so-called ‘Wilson plot’,  a  high-profile conspiracy theory which alleged that MI5 officers had plotted to undermine the Labour government of Harold Wilson during his second period in office in the mid-1970s. Indeed, following his 1976 retirement on grounds of ill-health, Wilson himself had made claims of such a plot to BBC journalists, and the topic had continued to receive press attention over subsequent years. Shortly after publication, an option for adapting

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