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Tarja Väyrynen

Berger and Thomas Luckmann’s The Social Construction of Reality, 18 on the other hand, has a Schutzian origin in terms of its focus on the distribution of knowledge in the life-world. The book studies what people ‘know as reality’ in their everyday, non- or pre-theoretical, lives. For Berger and Luckmann the task of the sociology of knowledge is to concern itself with the social construction

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Niilo Kauppi

discourse that concentrates on a unified, republican France: a more democratic Europe where non-Christians, the unemployed, women and regional representatives would also have a public voice. In the Finnish elections, institutional and symbolic structuration led to the social construction of a specific type of non-political European representative that stands in contrast to the traditional political representative. The elected diplomat is chosen more on the basis of her or his personal cultural resources than of the traditional collective political resources she or he

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Caitríona Beaumont

‘work out alternative meanings for the structure of their lives’.10 In doing so it is suggested that WI members embraced their domestic roles 11 but at the same time contested ‘social constructions of gender’. Lorna Gibson argues that to include the WI in the history of the women’s movement the term ‘feminism’ needs redefining. Feminism, Gibson suggests, ‘is assumed to originate from women’s dissatisfaction with domesticity’.12 Moreover the concept of feminism also assumes some recognition of the imbalance of power between men and women and the desire to achieve

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Peter J. Martin

the ways in which this sociological concern with the technical (and normally taken-for-granted) aspects of social organisation may illuminate aspects of musical activity. Social constructionism This second issue concerns the implications of the contention that the meaning of cultural objects is not inherent in the objects themselves. Neither does their meaning somehow exist independently of social life. Rather it is constituted in and through the interactional processes of real people in real situations. What is entailed, of course, and what some authors have

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Itinerant death at the Ground Zero Mosque and Bali bombsite
Charlotte Heath-Kelly

intersections between subjectivity and the world. They locate our experiences, but are also then socially described and constituted through discourse. How does this work in practice? At the bombsite, mortality is a force that situates and provokes human action as well as something constituted through social construction. These sites, in the contemporary era, remain troubling to societies (of Judaeo

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Michael Mannin

-state level, minority nationalist groups can undermine nation states in seeking the EU as a strategic partner (for example, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Turkey, the Balkans). These problems are explored further in Part II. In light of these factors, a turn to prior experience, to history and its role in the social construction of the present, would seem imperative in the understanding of ‘present reality’, especially for policy makers and consumers. In a 2015 UK Institute of Government publication, understanding historical viewpoints of those involved and affected by policy

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Alun Withey

Medicine, now virtually a discipline WITHEY 9780719085468 PRINT.indd 1 20/10/2011 16:28 Physick and the family of its own, has provided much of the impetus for this change. Old Whig notions of ‘Great Men’ doctors, miraculous discoveries and linear teleological progress have been largely abandoned in favour of more nuanced explorations of the many side alleys and dead ends of medical history; of the continuities as well as the changes.4 The influence of social-constructionism, to give one example, can be seen in the increasingly firm location of medical history

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A Singaporean tale of two ‘essentialisms’
See Seng Tan

contingent, social construction. State discourses very often possess a competitive edge in reality construction, but never a monopoly. A ‘genealogy of regionalism’ in which the construction of an imagined community beyond the nation-state is seen to have been the sole prerogative of state elites who enjoy a complete monopoly over the

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The problématique of culture in international conflict analysis
Tarja Väyrynen

workings of power in mediation and makes the political nature of the mediation process invisible. 14 In sum, the studies which emphasise the role of language, culture and identity in international conflict resolution demonstrate that conflicts do not arise only from differences of interest. Rather, conflicts are over meaning, over the social construction and management of meaning. Conflict resolution engages

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Jason Statham’s sartorial style
Steven Gerrard

Our bodies can be read as a complex set of both physical and social constructions. The first, the physical is that which includes the daily ritual that we subject them to (the food we eat, when we eat, where we eat, the fitness regimes we undertake). The second is as a social and cultural ‘text’ from which information can be gathered and interpreted to produce a new meaning

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