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The challenge of Northern Ireland

Jeremy Harbison and to agree to establish a Commissioner for Children and Young People on the lines of similar ‘champions’ in Great Britain. But before final decisions had been taken on equality and community relations, the Executive collapsed in disarray over allegations of spying, ushering in a further four and a half years of Direct Rule. The immediate if unintended consequence, however, was that Northern Ireland now participated directly in an avalanche of legislation and policy around diversity issues arising from the political priorities of the Labour government

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, however, very much a reciprocal process. Just as Westminster was shaped by the succession of executive governments in its midst, so distinctive aspects of the town could interact in important ways with the politics played out there. One fundamental issue here was the geographical vulnerability of Westminster, and of Whitehall Palace and parliament in particular, which informed much of the political and military history of the area in the 1640s and 1650s. It played a key role in the political tumults of 1641, and necessitated the persistent military presence in the years

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union branches, London Regional Council and Council of Executives.’27 They numbered around 20–30 individuals and included Sikorski, who became known as ‘the General’ because of his ability to marshal his members as fighting troops.28 Then with the setting up of the Socialist Labour Party (SLP) by Arthur Scargill after Labour scrapped its Clause IV commitment to public ownership in 1995, around twenty of the leading left-wingers, including Sikorski, John Leach and Crow, joined this new party as an organised embodiment of their industrial and political agendas. Crow

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The power of the representatives

citizen politics is that it is impossible for the whole body of the nation to deliberate on matters of public importance. This view is at the core of the theory of representative government and was perhaps most famously summed up by Edmund Burke in his speech to the electors of Bristol in 1774 when he stated: ‘Parliament is a deliberative assembly of one nation, with one interest, that of the whole; where, not local purposes, not local prejudices ought to guide, but the general good, resulting from the general reason as a whole’ (1902, 447). But is this an accurate

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president of the League and Gaelic language scholar. Conn Murphy was a link with the revolutionary movement. The first to be awarded a Ph.D from the Royal University, he gave lectures on logic to civil servants, not to introduce them to the beauty of philosophy but to prepare them for negotiation – analysing arguments and spotting flawed logic. He was active in Sinn Féin politics. 77 For the civil service associations a significant achievement was that the reorganisation of the civil service into the new administrative, executive and clerical grades was to be undertaken by

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The contest for ideology

I. WHO and uncontested Western medical paternalism Today it seems obvious that the health of the people is subject to political and ideological contests. Yet, throughout the first thirty years of the World Health Organization, Western or Westernised medical doctors controlled its knowledge and practices, and the nature of ‘world health’ went

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they are not part of the process of ‘collective self-rule’ (2013: 11). Prisoners cannot exercise self-government because during their confinement they are entirely dependent on the executive. The democratic process is undermined by allowing to vote those who cannot contribute to collective self-government and would be ‘a contribution to counterfeiting democracy, extending the outward form of democratic government as a cover for the absence of the political substance of democracy – the self-government of the people’ (Ramsay, 2013: 11). Finally, he states that

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’s executive, the European Commission, tends to approach European identity. The EU and its declarations on European identity/ies European identity has been an integral part of European integration and EU policy making ever since discussions about a possible EU-level democracy emerged (Stråth, 2002). Owing to the very definition of democracy – government by the people – a common sense of identity among these people has been observed as a prerequisite for the (effective) functioning of any Defining contemporary European identity/ies 29 political community (Isin and Turner

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the Northern Ireland Labour Party to have more liaison with and more visits from the National Executive Committee’. 97 She also noted the party’s acceptance of a non-sectarian approach to politics. However, it was the NILP’s critique of the Northern Ireland government’s refusal to grant recognition to the Leader of the Opposition at Stormont, to provide buildings to be used as community centres, the setting up of local health centres and group practices, free legal aid and the party’s call for the introduction of legislation covering office regulations as

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The end of neoliberalism?

exist at all” (Klein, 2017 ). If President Trump's goal was to end the corruption he argued was endemic in Washington, he has done so by placing the corrupters directly in positions of power. You could argue that at least he cut out the intermediary. In addition to populating the top levels of government with corporate executives and their long-time political supporters, the Trump administration has passed, or attempted to pass, a number of important changes in the areas that we have investigated in the previous chapters. Trump and income

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