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Marie Mulvey-Roberts

filming and military engagement. 132 For Nosferatu , Murnau decided to depart from Expressionist convention and ‘shoot’ on location. This followed a process of ‘reconnaissance’, before ‘zooming’ in on his ‘targets’. The cinematographer in Merhige’s film shoots literally in the final scene by firing a pistol at the vampire. As Paul Virilio has noted in War and Cinema: The Logistics of

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The cartographic consciousness of Irish gothic fiction
Christina Morin

who disturb his throne, and deluge his country with blood!’ 53 His eventual triumph over the Danes is lauded as a pivotal moment in English history: restored to the throne, Alfred is said ‘to dispense the blessings of peace and security to his people’, through the exercise of ‘his military abilities’ and ‘his just and vigorous laws’ ( Son of Ethelwolf , p. 277). Under his leadership, ‘[c]ommerce, till then unknown or neglected, poured the products of far distant realms into his dominions, and learning, cherished by his fostering care, broke the fetters with which

in The gothic novel in Ireland, c. 1760–1829
Rebecca Munford

Ghislaine’s threatening sexuality by transforming her into a posing doll for their pornographic photographs. Untiringly contorting herself into all kinds of positions, Ghislaine arrays ‘herself in a bizarre variety of accessories’ as Honeybuzzard rummages through the junk shop for new toys and props – ‘[m]ilitary boots and a brocaded hat; rhino whips; clanking spurs; a stag’s head; a dappled, gilded

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Tortured Souls and Mister B. Gone’s new myths of the flesh
Xavier Aldana Reyes

enough, Talisac himself incarnates the corporeally macabre: he hangs by his mouth from a device whose purpose is unclear and, as I have mentioned, boasts an external reproductive system that makes him a true creator. The three generals who compose the military junta which controls Primordium after the Great Insurrection approach him precisely because he is the only creature capable of giving life to

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W. J. McCormack

. Beyond the political and military events of the late seventeenth century lies the larger question of the Protestant reformation and its attitude to secular culture. Early Netherlandish art was wedded to the Christian Church just as the art of Italy and Germany was. With the reformation and its attendant wars, a division occurred, Flanders remaining

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Neoliberal gothic
Linnie Blake and Agnieszka Soltysik Monnet

military preponderance’ (Gurtov, 2006 : 48). Sold to the public as a justifiable response, not only to the events of 9/11 but to the ongoing terrorist threat, the ‘War on Terror’ became the militarised face of neoliberalism, entrenching a sense of continuous crisis in the public mind whilst undertaking an ostensibly justifiable curtailment of civil liberties at home and overseas that, itself, served the corporate

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The vampire and neoliberal subjectivity
Aspasia Stephanou

ways populations and groups become ‘redundant, disposable, or criminalized’ (Giroux, 2011 : 32). Poor minority youth in America, for example, can merely choose among the military, prison or their exile in dead zones of invisibility (Giroux, 2011 : 32). Given the fact that neoliberal life is predicated on the freedom of consumer choice, the inability to participate due to inadequate

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Isabella van Elferen

), industrial (Das Ich), medieval (In Extremo) to EBM (:wumpscut:). These styles shared a preference for the German language and themes pertaining to darkness and melancholy, death and pain, religious and sexual deviation. The reasons for this Goth appropriation of German culture may be a combination of the country’s cultural heritage, its relation to the gothic genre and Germany’s military history. Bands like

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Colette Balmain

imposition of Western modernity and all that it entailed (Berry, 2007 : 107–8 ). In the case of South Korean gothic, Japanese influences were more significant than Western ones, especially as a rigid quota system severely limited the number of foreign films that could be shown during a year, along with the length of time they could be shown for. Owing to decades of military rule and a stagnant film industry

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American gothic to globalgothic
James Campbell

towards the nation’s military-industrial complex. The most striking instance of the latter follows the discovery of two dead soldiers affiliated with the Project, as it prompts David and store clerk Ollie Weeks to compare them to American soldiers who collected human ears during the Vietnam War, and to Nazi war criminals (139). Nothing is offered to justify the excessive readings of the text’s paranoid

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