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Eşref Aksu

historical structural setting, which has a good deal of forward momentum. The Congo was in many ways the Somalia of its time. ‘Never again another Congo’ prevailed as the international motto for nearly thirty years. How might this be explained? In contrast to the dominant preoccupation in the peacekeeping literature, issues of ‘success’ and ‘failure’ have not been the primary focus

in The United Nations, intra-state peacekeeping and normative change
Naomi Head

the legality and morality of intervention. Russia drew on pluralist notions of sovereignty, non-intervention and the primary responsibility of the Security Council to maintain international peace and security, whereas the UK and states including the Netherlands, the United States, Canada, France and Slovenia, drew on solidarist norms of human rights protection and (questionable

in Justifying violence
John P. Willerton and Geoffrey Cockerham

states’ trade with one another would automatically decline as a result of the collapse of the Soviet empire.37 A cursory examination of available FSU trade patterns reveals that trade levels among FSU states dropped significantly, by one estimate from $139 billion in 1991 to $59 billion in 2000.38 However, FSU historical, infrastructural and other logistical realities would severely constrain any state from fully escaping significant economic intercourse with other FSU states. In the past decade there has been an explosion of political science literature concerning

in Limiting institutions?
Ronit Lentin

narrate’ the Nakba, to give themselves not only ‘permission to narrate’ the Nabka, but also to demand their return. However, this ‘failure to narrate’ is true mostly for internally displaced Palestinians, not for Palestinians in the diaspora, as the review of the Palestinian Nakba literature in Chapter 6 6 illustrates. Furthermore, Elgazi (2001) cites the Palestinian writer Habib Boulos who says that Palestinian citizens of Israel ‘have not stored (the memory of the Nakba) in a drawer. The Nakba was alive in memories and in the yearning to the brothers who were uprooted

in Co-memory and melancholia
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Redefining security in the Middle East
Tami Amanda Jacoby and Brent E. Sasley

the notion of ‘redefining security’. Even during the last decade, the literature on this subject has remained small. In comparison to Western regions and states where, it is argued, liberal capitalist democracies do not go to war, especially with each other ( Mueller, 1990 ; Doyle, 1986 ), the Middle East remains an area in which protracted militarized, armed conditions of conflict are staples of the

in Redefining security in the Middle East
The analytical framework
Eşref Aksu

challenges of international society at any given time’. 8 Knight’s research is noteworthy in that it seeks to apply a highly sophisticated body of theoretical literature to the study of multilateral institutions through an examination of the UN. Especially important for us is his application of historical structural ‘insights’ to the study of institutional evolution, with a constant

in The United Nations, intra-state peacekeeping and normative change
Evolution of the normative basis
Eşref Aksu

crisis, when the Canadians proposed the establishment of a neutral inter-positionary force under UN command and control. Pearson’s proposal, developed in close consultation with Hammarskjöld, was heartily embraced by the United States, which had not been consulted by the Anglo-French coalition on the one hand, and had to confront Soviet threats of retaliatory action on the other. Within two years from

in The United Nations, intra-state peacekeeping and normative change
Alexander Spencer

writing during this revolutionary time was littered with romantic images, much of the romantic writing was full of revolutionary elements. In particular English romanticism was greatly influenced by many of the political ideals central to the beginning of the French Revolution such as equality, democracy and opposition to absolutism, as these were incorporated into the literature of numerous writers in Britain and thereby into domestic political debate and politics. At the time, romanticism was considered a political language (Klancher 1989: 491) and still is. As

in Romantic narratives in international politics
Debating Kosovo
Naomi Head

secondly, it contributed towards shaping the balance between strategic and communicative action within relevant communicative practices. The meeting brought together former British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, the late Robin Cook; Hubert Védrine, his French counterpart; Klaus Kinkel, the German foreign minister; Madeleine Albright, US Secretary of State; Richard Holbrooke, US

in Justifying violence
Abstract only
The third American NWO – the Clinton and Bush presidencies, 1990–2006
Andrew Williams

demurs when the United States sabre-rattles, tied up as it is in its own operation to ‘liberate’ Chechnya. Only the French, famously lampooned by cartoon character Homer Simpson as ‘cheese eating surrender monkeys’, seem to defy this consensus by the lesser Western Powers. There may not be Williams_Failed_10_Concl.indd 286 10/10/06 10:27:05 Conclusion 287 a neoconservative consensus across all types of opinion in the West but it is arguably now the dominant one in governing circles. Equally the problems of how to deal with ‘ethnic cleansing’ and new types of

in Failed imagination?