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Feminist critiques of countering violent extremism
Jessica Auchter

’s Countering Violent Extremism Subcommittee, noted, ‘we should never forget as a guiding principle that even the men who are recruited were once boys, were once children, and were connected to a female figure’ ( Council on Foreign Relations, 2016 ). UK counter-terrorism expert Robert Milton, as another example, notes that ‘family is at the heart of this. We need to reach out to families, mothers, and empower women to help them identify when changing behavior might lead to radicalisation’ ( Owen, 2017 ). It has also been noted that ‘A number of organisations worldwide such as

in Encountering extremism
Ministers, atomic espionage and Anglo-American relations
Daniel W. B. Lomas

political capital out of it [and] some are calling for a witch hunt. 2 Kenneth Younger, 1951 The Anglo-American ‘special relationship’ was an important dimension of Attlee’s foreign and defence policy. Stemming from wartime collaboration, relations with Washington were fraught and served to provide the Labour government with

in Intelligence, security and the Attlee governments, 1945–51
Peter Shirlow, Jonathan Tonge, James McAuley and Catherine McGlynn

. Between the introduction of internment in August 1971 and the end of the policy in December 1975, 1,981 people were detained, of whom 1,874 were Catholic ( The disparity reflects the differing levels of involvement in extra-constitutional action against the state between the communities, although ‘many of those interned had no connection with the most active of republican

in Abandoning historical conflict?
Peter Shirlow, Jonathan Tonge, James McAuley and Catherine McGlynn

orchestrated choreography by the British and Irish governments working with local political parties (Aughey 2005 ; Dixon 2008 ; Tonge 2005, 2006), or influenced by a wider global contexts which diminished Northern Ireland’s strategic value (Cox 2006 ; Ryan 1994; 1997); or shaped by policy learning from international peace processes (Guelke 2008 ). Existing explanations of the peace process, even when rooted

in Abandoning historical conflict?
An interview with Liz O’Donnell
Graham Spencer

exception) so it was interesting to see that gradually, through a process with George Mitchell as Chairman and his endless and saintly patience, that everyone talked. The UK Unionist representative, Robert McCartney QC, would empty a room, he was so pedantic and unyielding in his perspective, but George would let him talk on a point of order for about thirty minutes. Nobody was shut down and everybody was

in Inside Accounts, Volume II
Abstract only
Elke Schwarz

bases across Africa surfacing in connection with a campaign against the Islamist terror organisation Boko Haram. In this way, the drone is itself producing ever-new ‘zones of war’ (Shaw 2013 : 553). The US's pole position in terms of drone use and acquisition is, however, less certain today than it seemed a decade ago. The number of countries in possession of armed drones has risen to nearly thirty, and an estimated ninety countries are

in Death machines
Paul Holtom

in place before ‘older’ EU member states, such as Greece, Luxembourg and the UK. However, concerns remain regarding the ability of their border, customs and law enforcement agencies to fulfil their obligations and effectively implement controls laid down to combat trafficking. Improving border infrastructure and training have been prioritised by PHARE (Pologne, Hongrie Assistance à la Reconstruction

in The security dimensions of EU enlargement
An interview with Martin Mansergh
Graham Spencer

of the UK? Jim Callaghan, long out of office, once said privately to Reynolds the British would only be too glad if you took it off us, but that could have been said half in joke; and now and again in the early 1980s senior civil servants had mooted this. Whether Sinn Fein believed it then or now, those sorts of things are absolutely meaningless because they are part of an agreement you can’t hold anyone subsequently to. They might have said such things speculatively in a conversation, but such comments are

in Inside Accounts, Volume I
Christian Kaunert and Dr Sarah Leonard

the agenda through the pushing of its policies, as well as through the diversion of the actions of rival policy entrepreneurs, such as the UK government. EU institutions in the external dimension of the asylum policy: a place for the Commission as a supranational policy entrepreneur? As explained in the previous chapter, the European Commission

in European internal security
Ian Bellany

zone for themselves either directly (as in Cuba) or indirectly (as in Salvador 113 Understanding nuclear-free zones Table 4.1. Defence expenditure as percentage of gross domestic product within nuclear-free zones9 Tlatelolco Rarotonga Pelindaba North Africa Sub-Saharan Africa Bangkok World 1985 2002 2.7 2.6 3.5 4.9 2.7 4.0 6.2 1.7 1.9 3.2 4.1 2.6 3.6 2.6 Allende’s Chile of the early 1970s). This has a deterrent value in that external security involvement in the zone is apt to be limited by this fact of US policy. Thirdly, in the matter of self-policing, the

in Curbing the spread of nuclear weapons