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The Scottish diaspora since 1707

Capital Total (Commonwealth of Australia) 74,754 2,791 19,403 24,098 261 48,063 1,495 14,200 19,169 187 38,583 1,491 12,146 16,186 102 16,753 537 3,298 3,695 47 20,866 890 4,702 5,733 72 5,230 156 1,145 1,046 11 121 13 43 47 0 71 1 15 26 1 204,441 7,374 54,952 70,000 681 Source: Census of the Commonwealth of Australia, 1911 – Birthplaces. Catalogue No. 2112.0. Australian Bureau of Statistics, www.abs.gov.au/AUSSTATS/ abs@.nsf/Lookup/2112.0. Last accessed 15 June 2018. the scottish diaspora since 1707  223 England Wales Scotland Ireland Isle of Man NSW

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, and there was a clear majority for power-sharing, then the loyalists would become the official opposition. However, if they were in the majority, they would reject the idea of power-sharing. When discussing the constitutional future of Northern Ireland, Craig stated that his preference was for The UWC strike and its aftermath 145 devolution within the UK. However, he believed that the only ‘realistic’ possibility was that Northern Ireland should enjoy independence on a par with the Isle of Man.99 When challenged by Rees that the adverse public opinion caused by

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An interview with Wally Kirwan

administrations within the United Kingdom, but we were always conscious that Westminster and Whitehall had bigger fish to fry. There was no question they would try and use Strand Three to try and pull Ireland back closer into the orbit of the United Kingdom. As it worked out in practice, it was the Scottish and Welsh administrations and the Isle of Man who showed the strongest interest in Strand Three because it

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supervision of air-raid shelters to prevent undesirable sexual activity. Policewomen were also involved in the arrest and escort of enemy women ‘aliens’, enquiries (for the War Office) relating to servicewomen who had absconded, the evacuation of schoolchildren, and the provision of support for relatives who were involved in the identification of bodies.47 In addition, 11 women officers from the Met were seconded to the Isle of Man from 1940 to 1945 to undertake escort and surveillance duties with women aliens accommodated at Rushen Internment Camp.48 Conditions of service for

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Countries, and Churchill ordered that all male Italians between the ages of sixteen and seventy who had been resident in Britain for less than twenty years and all those listed on MI5’s list should be interned. Under Defence Regulation 18B, 600 British subjects of Italian origin, including some women, were also detained; around one-third were from Scotland.9 Internees were deported either to the Isle of Man or the Dominions, and in July one ship transporting internees to Canada, the Arandora Star, was torpedoed killing over 400 Italians. Italian nationals not affected by

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Women on the home front and in the services

’s just because I’m an Italian?’ And ‘Yes.’ So, anyway, it [went on] for a bit and then they said that I could go into the Land Army. And I thought, well, my father had said to me, ‘Don’t do anything. Don’t let me go back to the Isle of Man.’ Because he knew that I’ve got a bit of a temper... And being left on my own I’d learnt to fight and I’d learnt to look after myself... So, I says, oh well ‘Alright’ and I thought the uniform, I thought, ‘It’s not too bad. Alright then I’ll go into the Land Army.’38 ~208~ Women on the home front and in the services 8. Iole

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Textual spectrality and Finnegans Wake

/04/2014 12:23 Textual spectrality and Finnegans Wake 9 myth cycle. He represents a wide-spectrum of Celtic traditions from Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man; his multiple lineages challenge the modern notion of a definitive Celtic stock. Len Platt observes, ‘all attempts to assert the Self by denying the Other are problematized as unstable in the multipleness of Finnegans Wake.’55 In fact, the Self/Other binary is problematized to the point that an authentic Self or an authentic Other ‘is ridiculed, not just through “allusions,” but as a product of the Wake

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lost population by way of emigration. Within every story there were conditions which prompted this outward impulse. They each exhibited certain common features as well as special local characteristics. Each place – West Cork, Shropshire, West Sussex, Kent, Swaledale, the Highlands, the Isle of Man, Cornwall and many other locations – all experienced sudden and unprecedented population increases; their agricultural populations rose and eventually fell absolutely as the national population continuously increased. Everywhere, internal migration to local places syphoned

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The search for a place vision after the ‘troubles’

’, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 17:4 (1993), pp. 595–609. 27 Department of the Environment (Northern Ireland), Regional Physical Development Strategy for Northern Ireland (Belfast: DoENI, 1975). 28 Ibid., p. 32. 29 Ibid., pp. 25–6. 30 This includes the administrations covering the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man. 31 R. Kearney, ‘Ireland and Britain: towards a Council of the Isles’, in R. Savage (ed.), Ireland in the New Century (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2003), pp. 28–42. 32

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The informers

political insight’. However, he also noted that Hiller was ‘a fervent opponent of Communism and very loyally disposed towards this country’.43 It is also evident that Sykes interrogated Hiller during a visit to the Isle of Man in December 1940; Hiller’s ‘personal file’ contains a letter addressed to ‘my dear Mr. Sykes’, in which he raged against Communist subterfuge and malpractice.44 Sykes almost certainly recommended Hiller’s release from internment. He was freed in January 1941 and his earliest reports followed days later. Few, if any, of those who turned informer were

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