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Brian Lewis

Gagnier, ‘and the indolent races of savages – whether Irish, African, or native American (key examples throughout Victorian political economy) – needed only to be inspired by envy to desire his desires, imitate his wants, to be on the road to his progress and his civilization.’6 The attempt to create this desire among indolent races ran like a leitmotif through Lever’s musings on colonized peoples. It was there as early as 1893, in his published diary account of his first ‘jaunt round the world’. In his entries for New Zealand he commented that the government had

in ‘So clean’
Race and the migrant self
Satadru Sen

Paul, 1963 ), 39–46. 32 Stefan Collini, “ The Idea of Character in Victorian Political Thought ,” Transactions of the Royal Historical Society , Fifth Series, 35 ( 1985 ), 29–50. 33 Michel Foucault, Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison (New York: Vintage, 1979 ), 135–69. 34 David Lelyveld, Aligarh’s First Generation (Delhi: Oxford University Press, 1996 ), 254–61; Nasrullah Khan, 11–15. 35

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