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From imperialism to independence in Malaya
Aaron Edwards

and minds’? Malaya 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 85 that ‘Present conditions in Korea necessitate the use of all available resources and we cannot therefore withdraw a flying boat squadron to Malaya. We are reluctant to take these steps but unfortunately there is no alternative. Presume you will inform General Briggs.’ Mellersh, Air Vice-Marshal Sir Francis, ‘The Campaign Against the Terrorists in Malaya’, lecture delivered on 7 March 1951, The Journal of the Royal United Service Institute, Vol. 96, No. 583 (August 1951

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Remaking middle-class hegemony
Christy Kulz

’s why I am working so hard to get my career up and running so I can one day afford a mortgage and actually move my kids out of there. Everyone’s dream is that, but I just think as long as you got a roof over your head and keep yourself to yourself, you know. You can live in a house and still get grief. It doesn’t just mean to say that just because you are living in an estate that it’s why it’s like that. Both Celeste and Laila realise they live in denigrated spaces, yet financially there is no alternative, despite both of them working full-time. Celeste’s use of

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Regional elections and political parties
Cameron Ross

societies most scholars would still agree with Geoffrey Pridham that parties and party systems must remain a basic if not the central theme for examining not only the quality of the liberal democracy in question but also its progress towards and achievement of democratic consolidation.16 As Juan J. Linz notes, ‘Today, in all countries of the world, there is no alternative to political parties in the establishment of democracy. No form of non-party representation that has been advocated has ever produced democratic government’.17 And Peter Mair adds that, ‘However

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Marriage, remarriage and screwball comedy
Kathrina Glitre

comedies end with a proposal, let alone a wedding; there is no mention of marriage at the end of Holiday or Bringing Up Baby, for example. While marriage may well be implied (or assumed), this is not the same thing as conservative reaffirmation. It would be literally impossible for a 1930s’ Hollywood film, made under the moral guardianship of the Production Code, to explicitly reject marriage as the framework for a heterosexual relationship – but this does not necessarily mean that the film endorses that framework. The awful truth for screwball comedy is that there is no

in Hollywood romantic comedy States of the union, 1934–65
Abstract only
Alison Smith

which we come to see them differently. This process is also central to films such as L’Opéra-Mouffe and Cléo de 5 à 7 , but in these films there is no alternative vision. La Pointe Courte provides an illustration of the way the external becomes an image of the internal. That is not, however, the only way in which La Pointe Courte impinges on the couple’s story. The first point to note is the

in Agnès Varda
Dimitris N. Chryssochoou, Michael J. Tsinisizelis, Stelios Stavridis and Kostas Ifantis

relevant proposal to the Council, then the whole process stops right there since there is no alternative open for the applicant member states. The Council, acting by QMV on a proposal from the Commission and after consulting the EP (or with its assent if the proposal concerned relates to an issue area covered by co-decision), will give authorisation to set up such flexible integration schemes. Any operating expenditure will be borne by the participating members, whereas the expenditure associated with EU institutions will be borne by the general budget. There is also a

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British and French colonial discourses on education for development in the interwar period
Walter Schicho

considered it to be an essential element of ‘colonial interests and control’. The above quoted example on ‘cleanliness’ is a good example of this discursive strand. Social evolution is closely bound to Western education – there is no alternative to it from the colonial point of view, but in promoting female education Guggisberg ignored that

in Developing Africa
Emily J. Manktelow

upon yourself. Taking into consideration the flagrant character and conduct of your elder children, and the almost certain risqué [ sic ] of the younger ones being contaminated by their example, and that the evil influence will thus be extended, we consider there is no alternative but your return with those of your household who [are] under your control, to the Colony of New South Wales … Henry was informed that ‘the future support afforded by this Society must depend on his immediate

in Missionary families
Anandi Ramamurthy

train represents, since its locomotive pulls the train. As there is no alternative represented in the image, it is the ideology of capitalism that is seen to offer a better life, whether in colony or Commonwealth. ‘Power is the business of English Electric . . . bringing you a better life’ is the advertising slogan, which summarises the arguments at the bottom of the page. While their role in supplying

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Abstract only
Anastasia Marinopoulou

Critical theory and epistemology presence, and the co-​presence of the absent and the present … and with alterity, [and] sheer difference’.32 My argument is that co-​inclusion and polyvalence allowed politics to configure scientific temporality instead of tolerating dialectics to engage in the unmediated past and future of the sciences. Such an all-​inclusive presumption of dialectics, situated within the multiplicity of causes of an open scientific system that excludes the ‘there is no alternative’ formative consents, becomes then the all-​inclusive theory of

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