divert company funds into their own private bank accounts in the Isle of Man. In Re Contract Packaging Ltd (HC, 16 January 1992 (Flood J.)), the directors were not prosecuted when they siphoned off in excess of £384,000 of company money for their personal use and defrauded the Revenue Commissioners. In Re Kelly’s Carpetdrome Ltd (HC, 1 July 1983 (Costello J.)), the directors were not prosecuted when they defrauded the Revenue Commissioners of €2 million. In an effort to withhold evidence from the liquidator, they burned down the business premises which stored company

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National origins, seafaring and the Christian impulse

– whether medievalist or modernist – was the Englishness of the empire’s origins. For medievalists, the constitutional origins of the English parliamentary tradition could be traced back to times of Anglo-Saxon settlement. So too, given ‘colonisation’ by the English of Anjou, Aquitaine, Gascony, Calais, Ireland, the Isle of Man and Wales, could pre-‘British empire’ examples of the

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Hebrides and the Scottish mainland. The Hebrides were quickly overrun and subsequently linked with the Isle of Man in a Norse kingdom. Orkney and Shetland remained under Norwegian jurisdiction until 1468 (from 1380, with the union of the two crowns, Danish–Norwegian jurisdiction). They were governed by a foud or local governor, who collected the king’s fines and taxes. On occasions the king himself would descend to impose a greater measure of obedience. In 1090 the Norwegian monarch, Magnus Barelegs – so called because he abandoned Viking trousers for a kilt – sent a

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Wales and all places of immigration detention within the UK. It acts under the statutory authority of the Chief Inspector of Criminal Justice in Northern Ireland to inspect prisons and YOIs there too. By invitation, it also inspects the Military Corrective Training Centre (the armed services’ only central detention centre), and prisons in the Channel Islands and Isle of Man. Moreover, we are currently working with colleagues in the Inspectorate of Constabulary to develop a methodology and mechanism for regular inspection of police custody suites (as we are with Courts

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attempts to reintroduce compulsory recruitment, repeatedly making it clear that the camp managers preferred to take volunteers.77 Crisis and growth Unemployment and public spending – the most difficult of the many challenges that MacDonald’s government faced – fell particularly hard on the Ministry of Labour. Under such pressure, it is remarkable that the TIC system grew steadily until the middle of 1931. They were, after all, expensive. When the Isle of Man government asked how much the Ministry of Labour would charge it to send men to Brandon and Claydon, they were

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English county historical societies since the nineteenth century

, Isle of Man, Kent, Lancashire & Cheshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, London & Middlesex, Norfolk & Norwich, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Rutland, St. Albans & Hertfordshire, Shropshire, Somerset, Staffordshire (incl. William Salt Society), Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex, Warwickshire, Wiltshire, Worcestershire, Yorkshire. Source: M. Pinhorn, Historical, Archaeological and Kindred Societies in the United Kingdom (Isle of Wight, 1986). Notes   1 Most attention has been given to the nineteenth century, where a key study is P. Levine, The Amateur and the

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Abstract only

’s tour.3 The rumours were as varied as they were detailed: Hillery had had an affair with a secretary; he was having an affair with a French woman who had worked for him during his time as a European Commissioner; there were photographs of him in a compromising position on a boat off the Isle of Man; he had been spotted giving his bodyguards the slip while his car was stopped in traffic lights so that he could meet his mistress; he had been seen climbing in a window of the Áras late at night after a rendezvous with his mistress; a foreign publication was about to

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are Britain and Ireland represented, but also all their constituent parts – Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man, Channel Islands and, of course, Northern Ireland. To a large extent this is a token organisation, designed to give equal status to all parts of the British Isles and to express some kind of common heritage and interest. Its range of concerns is inevitably limited. Such matters as drugs enforcement, crime and the environment are discussed in a generalised way. The British–Irish inter-governmental conference This involves representatives from the main British

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. Inscribed by Nina Balaban to Kathleen Cunningham To my dear friend Cathleen – with love from Nina. 5.Feb.36 New York. With the printed dedication for Emanuel Balaban. Text in Russian. Kathleen Cunningham is, of course, Kathleen McEnery, under her married name. Provincial matters [ 37 ] [ 38 ] German-Jewish refugees from Manchester in internment camp, Isle of Man, 1940 or 1941 Austerity baby

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-call yesterday I expect you at 9 o’clock at the worksoffice on Monday, the 15th instant. I confirm your salary will be 50.- shillings the week and I shall pay in addition half the amount for the Health-Insurance and the Unemployment-Insurance. Yours faithfully, F. Heinz Kroch. The following year, Kroch offered a job to Arthur Wolff, a young chemist desperate to leave Germany. In this way, my parents met. They married in February 1940. Three months later, my father was arrested as an ‘enemy alien’, and interned in the Isle of Man for a year, together with Heinz

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