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Rosemary Horrox

. 43 To die ‘surely’ is to die safely; in other words, in such a way as to achieve ultimate salvation. 44 For the poem itself see John W. Conlee, Middle English Debate Poetry , East Lansing, Michigan, 1991, pp. 51

in The Black Death
Craig Taylor

to the King, paid for six 130 months’ service. I commend you to God that He may protect you. Written at Sully[-sur-Loire] on the 28th day of March. Joan. 32. The Chronicles of London (c.1430?) Source: C. L. Kingsford, The Chronicles of London , Oxford, 1905, pp. 96–7. Language: Middle English It is extremely difficult to

in Joan of Arc
Matthew Kempshall

Arthurian Prologue – Tradition and the Old French Vernacular Prologues’, Forum for Modern Language Studies, 6 (1970), pp. 1–23; T. Hunt, ‘Tradition and Originality in the Prologues of Chrestien de Troyes’, Forum for Modern Language Studies, 8 (1972), pp. 328–32. For vernacular prologues in general, see J. Wogan-Browne, N. Watson, A. Taylor and R. Evans (eds), The Idea of the Vernacular: An Anthology of Middle English Literary Theory 1280–1520 (Exeter, 1999). •  Rhetoric and History  • 193 or new, with a novelty, or with some ‘history’ (historia) or verse. To make a

in Rhetoric and the writing of history, 400 –1500
David Jones

This chapter contains the translated and annotated text of the Liber Exemplorum.

in Friars’ Tales