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Dimitris N. Chryssochoou, Michael J. Tsinisizelis, Stelios Stavridis and Kostas Ifantis

relevant proposal to the Council, then the whole process stops right there since there is no alternative open for the applicant member states. The Council, acting by QMV on a proposal from the Commission and after consulting the EP (or with its assent if the proposal concerned relates to an issue area covered by co-decision), will give authorisation to set up such flexible integration schemes. Any operating expenditure will be borne by the participating members, whereas the expenditure associated with EU institutions will be borne by the general budget. There is also a

in Theory and reform in the European Union
British and French colonial discourses on education for development in the interwar period
Walter Schicho

considered it to be an essential element of ‘colonial interests and control’. The above quoted example on ‘cleanliness’ is a good example of this discursive strand. Social evolution is closely bound to Western education – there is no alternative to it from the colonial point of view, but in promoting female education Guggisberg ignored that

in Developing Africa
Emily J. Manktelow

upon yourself. Taking into consideration the flagrant character and conduct of your elder children, and the almost certain risqué [ sic ] of the younger ones being contaminated by their example, and that the evil influence will thus be extended, we consider there is no alternative but your return with those of your household who [are] under your control, to the Colony of New South Wales … Henry was informed that ‘the future support afforded by this Society must depend on his immediate

in Missionary families
Anandi Ramamurthy

train represents, since its locomotive pulls the train. As there is no alternative represented in the image, it is the ideology of capitalism that is seen to offer a better life, whether in colony or Commonwealth. ‘Power is the business of English Electric . . . bringing you a better life’ is the advertising slogan, which summarises the arguments at the bottom of the page. While their role in supplying

in Imperial persuaders
Abstract only
Anastasia Marinopoulou

Critical theory and epistemology presence, and the co-​presence of the absent and the present … and with alterity, [and] sheer difference’.32 My argument is that co-​inclusion and polyvalence allowed politics to configure scientific temporality instead of tolerating dialectics to engage in the unmediated past and future of the sciences. Such an all-​inclusive presumption of dialectics, situated within the multiplicity of causes of an open scientific system that excludes the ‘there is no alternative’ formative consents, becomes then the all-​inclusive theory of

in Critical theory and epistemology
Isabelle Hertner

unification are part of the German raison d’état. Therefore, 71 European policies of Labour, the PS, and the SPD 71 for us there is no alternative to a European Germany. Germany has the responsibility to strengthen the trust in Europe’s future’ (SPD, 2014). Even the EU’s Constitutional Treaty, which had caused the PS much trouble and would almost certainly have caused Labour problems if it had been put to a referendum, was enthusiastically embraced by the SPD. In its 2004 European manifesto, the party declared: Through the European constitution the EU becomes more

in Centre-left parties and the European Union
Simon Mussell

under the weight of world events. One finds such a rise and fall narrative repeated right across the political spectrum. Of course, the political right has successfully peddled its post-​1989 triumphalism for some time now, merrily proclaiming the ‘end of history’ in the consolidation of free market capitalism and liberal democracy. While Margaret Thatcher boasted ‘there is no alternative’, many commentators (most famously Francis Fukuyama) eagerly joined the symbolic burial of socialism. Given the right’s scale of ideological investment in preserving and

in Critical theory and feeling
Peter Murray and Maria Feeney

to ‘strengthening the mutual security and individual and collective defences of the free world’. Retrospective treaty changes sought by the US government were deemed to be incompatible with Ireland’s declared foreign policy and a Memorandum to the Government advised that should refusal to adhere ‘entail the discontinuance of all further American aid to this country after the 31st December, 1951, the Minister for External Affairs considers there is no alternative but to accept the loss involved’. Ireland remained a member of the OEEC, which it had joined in 1948 as

in Church, state and social science in Ireland
Abstract only
Alternatives in the here and now
Stephen Greer

Sissy’s Progress is a desire to respond to the social conditions of the real world as they exist in the present moment, in large part because there is no alternative but the present and because a response to violence and the threat of violence cannot be postponed. In their recent chapbook Before I Step Outside (You Love Me) (2017), queer performance artist Travis Alabanza describes the ritual of taking a selfie before stepping outside to ‘remind myself of how I looked in that moment. To archive my existence before physical danger’. Though to be black, trans and femme

in Queer exceptions
Bryce Lease

the denial or repression in a redemptive narrative that excludes or devalues trauma, presenting values and ideas as viably realized in facts. The second problematic method aggravates trauma, insisting there is no alternative to ‘symptomatic acting-out’ beyond a purely imaginary hope for totalization of full disclosure. However, following Jacques Derrida, LaCapra offers a third potential, proposing a use of theory that coalesces criticism with self-criticism without recourse to narratives of redemption or salvation (1996: 192–4). The productions I have singled out

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