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Emily J. Manktelow

from 1875 (in the LMS), that the missionary family was the primary agent of mission activity, and during which debates about its role, rights and responsibilities were thrashed out and defined. Many of these formal debates on the role and existence of the missionary family were played out between London and the Pacific context. This was not only because the South Seas Mission (SSM) was the first mission of the LMS, but because many of the most pressing ‘dangers’ facing missionary families (sexual temptation, missionary

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Witchcraft and the symbolics of hierarchy in late seventeenth- and early eighteenth-century Finland
Raisa Maria Toivo

village, a role that was usually a male preserve. In contemporary social thought, as well as in popular thinking at the time, hierarchical relations were still coloured by medieval feudal concepts, understood in terms of mutual, polar rights and responsibilities.25 Hierarchical superiority came in exchange for presumed physical, mental and spiritual protection. There were also responsibilities towards the community, which affected a person’s status. A single farmer was to a great extent dependent on the other farmers in the village. Farming also included many

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Neville Kirk

. For example, Fisher’s attitude to coastal shipping, the navy, Dreadnoughts and other defence matters, his support for the war in 1914 and the issue of conscription necessarily involved major questions concerning not only Australian nationalism and ‘Australia first’, but also the country’s rights and responsibilities towards the ‘mother country’. ‘White Australia’ was also part and parcel of wider debates concerning ‘race’ within the British Empire. Labor criticisms of the latter stemmed in part from its ‘mixed

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Ali Riaz

_Riaz_IslamIdentity_Revised.indd 10 21/02/2013 16:30 introduction 11 essential characteristic of citizenship is already defined: acceptance of and loyalty to the nation as delineated by the state discourse. Whether that is an acceptable proposition in a multicultural society is debatable. We must also note that there is recognition among the policy-makers that a shared future, which I will call the basis of citizenship, can only be built on the basis of key principles including upholding ‘rights and responsibilities [and] visible social justice.’17 These issues loom large in our discussion

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Michael Freeden

workers’ rights and responsibilities was compatible with those features of the new liberalism that emphasised non-sectionalism and workers’ participation (Freeden, 1978: 150–8; 1986: 45–77). The fourth, ‘a rejection of competitive antagonism and an ideal of fraternity and co-operation’, was conditionally acceptable to social liberals, as long as it pertained to the sharper end of competition and did not rule out private initiatives. The fifth, a protest against capitalist inefficiencies (notably not against capitalism in toto), and in particular mass unemployment, was

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Peter Triantafillou

in labour or administrative law in order to ensure a merit-based and impartial civil service (Wise, 1996). This has often entailed tightly regulated careeradvancement and payment structures that have provided little room for local managerial discretion. The rise of NPM and new HRM practices has put the legal position of civil servants under pressure in a number of European countries over the last two decades or so. Accordingly, many countries have seen the elimination of special civil-service rights and responsibilities. In Europe, these include Denmark, Italy, the

in Neoliberal power and public management reforms
Will Kymlicka and Sue Donaldson

Problem in Democratic Theory: Why the Demos should be Bounded by the State .” International Theory 4 ( 1 ): 39–68 . Steiner , Gary . 2013 . Animals and the Limits of Postmodernism . New York : Columbia University Press . Such , Elizabeth and Robert Walker . 2005 . “ Young Citizens or Policy Objects? Children in the ‘Rights and

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The limits of the Treaty of Waitangi and the doctrine of Aboriginal title
Ann Parsonson

basis for their future. In Taranaki, Maori began to lease some of their reserves to settlers, and thus to enter into relationships which involved rights and responsibilities on both sides. The authorities, however, moved quickly to stop such transactions. In 1854 the provincial superintendent, concerned that the province might be called on to maintain lessees in possession

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Elizabeth Fowler

incorporation, stood for the first in a political and social sense: the husband for the wife, the baron for the tenant, the master for the indentured servant, the lord for the ward. The rights of one to the use of the labour, property, or body of the other, along with certain responsibilities towards him or her, were granted to some definite extent in all these cases. Those rights and responsibilities were

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Women, internal colonization and indigenous peoples
Katie Pickles

these judges, we liked the system as it was before. We were very involved with teaching English in a lot of cases, helping [immigrants] with their questions, their rights and responsibilities, all of this. We were there for them, at every session, and often we would take them aside to make sure that they knew things. Well that’s all at an end. The judges

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