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Beatrix Futák-Campbell

opportunity to use different methods. This leads to the final reason behind this study: methodology. Suppose we turn to different kinds of data to trace these practices, such as transcripts of conversations where practitioners openly discuss specific policy focuses? Through this new direction, our focus changes from what is being said, to what these practitioners achieve through their talk. Or, put differently, our focus turns to the social action of talk, and their impact on policy development. Using verbatim data from practitioners is practically unheard of. Diplomats

in Practising EU foreign policy
Steve Sohmer

auditors. 14 Finally, I’ll show that solving the time-cruces in this play provides a fresh insight into Shakespeare’s mind, his interest in chronometry, and his remarkable knowledge of the rival calendars of the Renaissance. My argument and Wife Capulet’s conversation with Nurse begins, Wife Thou knowest my daughters of a prettie age. Nurse Faith I

in Shakespeare for the wiser sort
Rebecca Walker

be effected, or at least imagined. The life of forty-year-old Rani illustrates many of the hardships and suffering experienced by women living in the east of Sri Lanka. Like Meena’s narrative in the previous chapter, Rani’s story weaves through landscapes of loss and endurance, creating conversations between what has come to pass and what might be. There are many similarities between the stories of Rani and Meena: both are widows, both have struggled to bring up children while facing the risk of child-recruitment by the LTTE and TMVP, and both have had to deal with

in Enduring violence
Martyn Hammersley

implied. For example, Harvey Sacks declares: ‘I want to propose that a domain of research exists that is not part of any other established science. The domain is one that those who are pursuing it have come to call ethnomethodology/conversation analysis’ (Sacks, 1984: 21). What is at issue here is not simply ethnomethodology’s relationship to sociology and other social sciences but also to neighbouring disciplines, such as linguistics and psychology, and to the various applied fields in which ethnomethodological work has been done. Finally, some have suggested that

in The radicalism of ethnomethodology
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William Trevor and reading
Hermione Lee

obsessive or cut-off personality. The same is true of technical, specialised literary genres, which Trevor sometimes infiltrates into his stories to show a warped, unsocialised or alien mind at work. In My House in Umbria (1991), the romantic novelist who tells the story, whose life revolves around fantasy, curiosity, drink and garrulous, intimate conversations, comes up against the dry technical language of an entomologist’s books. Opening a volume in his room called The Case for Differentia she sees a collection of words ‘brandished threateningly’: Empirical

in William Trevor
Carl Lavery

This interview is a companion piece to my conversation with Ultz. In it, I talk to the DJ, musician and writer Excalibah who co-directed The Blacks Remixed and played the role of Archibald, the MC. CARL LAVERY : I know you best as a DJ and hip-hop artist. How did you get involved in this project? EXCALIBAH : I’m on the Board of Directors at the Theatre Royal Stratford East and have been since I was 18. I also did a lot of youth theatre there. One of my first shows was Da Boyz , which I helped to conceive and compose with Ultz. Ultz wanted to do a

in The politics of Jean Genet’s late theatre
Tristram Shandy and the quest for identity
Gioiella Bruni Roccia

wholly metamorphosed and converted, we are thereby in reality transformed and lost.12 Thus, in order to control and ‘regulate our governing fancies, passions and humours’ and thereby construct a coherent self, Shaftesbury revives the ancient Stoic concept of self-discourse as a means of moral improvement. This technique of inner conversation or ‘soliloquy’ – modelled on Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations – must be practised as a form of mental examination and therapeutic exercise, or rather as a psychic surgery. Through ‘self-dissection’ the individual ‘becomes two

in Writing and constructing the self in Great Britain in the long eighteenth century
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Reflections on the work of Norman Geras
Terry Glavin

interests, from Manchester, around whom a constellation of writers, academics, artists, activists and eccentrics moved in conversation and friendly contention. Everyone spoke in a lexicon with which I was at least familiar. Their concerns were among my own. It was a kind of meeting place where intellectuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and genres and disciplines were introduced and sometimes profiled and interviewed. Reading Normblog always meant learning something, and it was what I imagined it must have been like, hearing the reassuring sound of far-off voices

in The Norman Geras Reader
Environmental enumeration, justice, and apprehension
Nicholas Shapiro, Nasser Zakariya and Jody A. Roberts

wellheads,4 and so on. Stepping out of the frame of risk distillation as an enumerative practice provides a better picture of what the impossible prize of the certitude of absolute monitoring could not accomplish and calls attention to the fact that prevention of such exposures requires interventions beyond the mere engineering of the home. The reflections that grew into this chapter began with a conversation between the authors a couple months prior to being in Joe’s trailer in which one of us (Jody) wondered out loud whether those who practice citizen science in

in Toxic truths
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Liene Ozoliņa

, and then brought the conversation back to the recent tragedy and shared with me a story of one of the survivors she had been counselling: Here, I’ll give you one great example, I haven’t told it [to anyone] yet but I plan to remember it for my work with the unemployed and elsewhere that I work. A very vivid example. It has to do with Maxima, with the ones that passed away. A vivid example. And there will be a conclusion that I draw. So, the roof collapses in Maxima and there are little stores nearby [within the same shopping centre]. And a sales assistant is

in Politics of waiting