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Intellectual History. Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University Press. Lentin, R. (2012) ‘“There is no movement”: a brief history of migrant-led activism in Ireland’, in R. Lentin and E. Moreo (eds) Migrant Activism and Integration from Below in Ireland. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 42–71. Levitt, P. (2003) ‘“You know, Abraham was really the first immigrant”: religion and transnational migration’, International Migration Review, 37:3, 847–73. Levitt, P. (2004) ‘Redefining the boundaries of belonging: the institutional 3995 Migrations.qxd:text 78 5/8/13 11:39 Page 78 N ETWORKS

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America] are not confused, rootless people who are hostages to forces beyond their control’. Rather they were much more self-transplanted; similarly John Bodnar says they were essentially ‘pragmatic’ people, with a flexible, risktaking, modern state of mind: ‘a typical immigrant mentality had been that of a venturesome conservative, who employs new strategies in pursuit of recognizably traditional aspirations’.60 Gerber also stresses the idea of European peasantries seeking rational betterment and renewal: ‘International migration was a strategy for avoiding

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Liverpool as a diasporic city, 1825–1913

). 2 The statistics mostly relate to passengers rather than emigrants. Before 1913 no successful distinction was made between emigrants and ordinary cabin passengers. Previous writers have wrestled with the problem of British emigrant statistics, notably I. Ferenczi and W. F. Willcox, International Migrations (New York: National Bureau of

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The impact of return migration on an Aberdeenshire parish

international migration studies. Yet from an early period the parish maintained, or was forced into, international relations. During the Middle Ages much of the parish comprised the barony of Belhelvie and at one time belonged to King Eric II Magnusson of Norway, at least in terms of revenue from parish rents. Later Belhelvie was held by Alexander Stewart, Earl of Buchan, and was eventually granted to the lords of Glammis by the early modern period. In the mid-seventeenth century the recently created Earl of Panmure was given the land

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NNAI CSO/26/06285 vol. I 11 NNAI CSO/26/03028 vol. IV 12 Oscar Gish, ‘Colour and Skill: British Immigration, 1955–68’, International Migration Review , 3, 1968 , pp. 19

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Presenting the GenderImmi data set

. Case selection was based upon countries with high current patterns of skilled immigration as reflected in recent OECD International Migration Outlook reports (OECD 2011b, 2012a). I focus on the OECD because Gender awareness of skilled immigration policies 35 it is in those countries that the most available data and laws on immigration policy are available. This is not to discount the importance of skilled immigration to non-OECD countries, in particular Singapore, Hong Kong and South Africa, rather to focus on countries for which the most reliable legal and policy

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said, ‘then he has been the victim of the most appalling exploitation in respect of which he has no effective recourse’ (Hussein v The Labour Court & Anor 2012). In spite of the judge’s misgivings, his decision remains, and there has been no attempt to address the effective removal of legal protection from some of Belonging 127 the most vulnerable workers in Ireland. This is a clear example of what Kitty Calavita calls the ‘perverse consequences’ of law (2005: 42). Just as states create international migration, they also create categories of legal and illegal

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Immigrants in the Irish public sphere

, mobilisation and representation of immigrants and their offspring in Europe’, Willy Brandt Series of Working Papers in International Migration and Ethnic Relations 1/05. Available at:;jsessionid=F01E9857448 1E395690C4A5166C53D8D?sequence=1 [Accessed 24 July 2014]. O’Boyle, N., Rogers, J., Preston, P. and Fehr, F. (2014) ‘“New Irish” in the news’, Irish Communication Review, 14: 3–16. Opening Power to Diversity, Living in Ireland. opening_power/ [Accessed 18 June 2014]. Örnebring, H. (2013) ‘Anything

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Challenges of belonging

. Studying Iraqi migration The book is based on fifteen months of fieldwork among Iraqi women and their families in Copenhagen, carried out between November 2003 and July 2005. Despite the salience of Iraq’s situation in international politics, migration from Iraq has not been granted much attention in the academic literature.3 However, international migration from Iraq has always been linked to the political situation in the country, and a brief overview is necessary to understand the situation of Iraqi women in Denmark. Iraq became a republic following a military coup

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legal acts database Table 4.1 Examples of OECD’s analytical activities in terms of regular reports Outlook series At a glance series Science, Technology and Industry Outlook Education at a Glance International Migration Outlook Agricultural Policies in OECD Employment Outlook Countries at a Glance Agricultural Outlook Health at a Glance Economic Outlook OECD Regions at a Glance Environmental Outlook Development Aid at a Glance World Energy Outlook Pensions at a Glance Information Technology Outlook Space Economy at a Glance Communications Outlook Society at a

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