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The War on Terror and the resurgence of hillbilly horror after 9/11
Linnie Blake

guy Henry Fonda to affirm the validity of the New Deal, rejecting in the process any less American (i.e. communistic) solutions. As the mass migration of some three million Appalachian people to the mid-Atlantic and mid-Western cities of the 1950s threatened to undermine Cold War pretensions to cultural homogeneity and national stability, moreover, television stepped into the breach: with programmes like The Real McCoys (1957) Americanising the Appalachian in its tale of West Virginia farmers seeking a new life in California. It was a strategy echoed throughout the

in The wounds of nations
David Doyle

towards eugenics, to thereby maintain existent ethnic hierarchies.28 Dillingham’s reports on marital fertility by ethnic group confirm this.29 In Ireland, the same pressures of population and unequal impoverishment that triggered mass migration from Ireland from around 1828–30, had led the country’s eastern areas to delayed marriage and to the practice of inheritance of farm holdings by one male heir only (with dowry negotiated as accompaniment to an incoming bride). This system became more general after the Famine. The young delayed, even avoided, family formation

in Irish Catholic identities
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Kevin Harrison and Tony Boyd

have to be addressed at some point. Similarly, the increasing inequality between people in different countries is one source of war, disturbance and mass migration that will also have to be alleviated if the hopes of a peaceful and prosperous world stand any chance of being realised in the twenty-first century. Summary Equality is a word capable of several different meanings. One can speak of ‘primary

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Dakar between garden city and cité-jardin
Liora Bigon

that characterised Howard’s vision and his famous sketches, he actually planned for class differences. The garden city was presented as a usable alternative to the contemporary overgrowth of urban industrial centres, which included mass migration from the countryside, the deterioration of sanitary conditions, slums, extreme poverty and crime. Each garden city – also called a

in Garden cities and colonial planning
Stuart Ward

National Identity (New York, 1972). 84 Curran and Ward, The Unknown Nation, p. 18. 85 This post-colonial context includes the United States, where the earliest appearance of the term (in Erikson’s wake) referred to the dislocations of mass migration

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Imperial legacies and post-imperial realities
James W. Peterson and Jacek Lubecki

development?” “Muslim invasion?” Emphasis on territorial defenses? Hungary also played a prominent role in the drama of mass migration from Africa and the Middle East which has shaken Europe since 2015. On this issue, Hungary took a much more defiant stance against the EU, engaging in a drawn-out conflict with mostly Western EU members over refugee admission

in Defense policies of East-Central European countries after 1989
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Brighter European–Muslim–Jewish futures?
Amikam Nachmani

betterment of society as a whole, regardless of faith affiliation, took place after earthquakes hit in Haiti (2010) and Japan (2011) and during the famine in Somalia (2011).25 Muslim mass migration to Europe, 2015–16 As we approach the end of this study, we devote a few final words to evaluations of the immigration of hundreds of thousands of Muslims into Europe in 2015–16. Yigal Bin-Nun, whom we mentioned earlier (chapter 3), titled his article ‘The Arabs saved Europe’. Its opening words are no less surprising: ‘Arab immigration is the best thing that happened to Europe

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S. Karly Kehoe

The mass migration of Catholic Irish was a key stimulant that forced indigenous Catholics to reappraise their relationship with Scottish and British society and come up with a strategy that would allow them to join in with the social, economic and imperial ambitions of the nation and the state. This study examines the changing nature of Catholicism in modern Scotland by placing a significant emphasis on women religious. It highlights the defining role they played in the transformation and modernisation of the Catholic Church as it struggled to cope with

in Creating a Scottish Church
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Chartering English colonies on the American mainland in the seventeenth century
Christopher Tomlins

from the collision of different English legal cultures brought by migration into unavoidable proximity, legal cultures expressed on the one hand in the structures of authoritative socio-legal order planned by colonizing projectors, and on the other implicit in the massed migrations of actual settlers. Persistent variety, not a singular developmental logic, is the distinguishing characteristic

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Aspects of Irish return migration, 1600–1845
Patrick Fitzgerald

Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI). Keyword access allows these letters to be searched on the basis of terms likely to be associated with return migration. 15 On the patterns of servant and paying passenger migration see M.S. Wokeck, Trade in Strangers: The Beginnings of Mass Migration to North America (University Park PA: Pennsylvania State University Press, 1999). On the evolution and implications of the ‘Ulster custom’ see M.W. Dowling, Tenant Right and Agrarian Society in Ulster

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