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Sources of anti-Americanism

onset of World War II. After the Vietnam War, a weakened and inward-looking America prompted countries to develop their own nuclear weapons programmes, emboldened Islamic fundamentalists to attack American interests, allowed Vietnam to invade Cambodia and the Soviet Union to occupy Afghanistan. And to those who say this couldn’t happen today, that America couldn’t pull up the drawbridge and retreat behind the parapets, please note that recent opinion polls in the United States reveal a preference for isolationism not seen since the end of the Vietnam War. It is hard

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is the fight of all who believe in progress and pluralism, tolerance and freedom’ (Bush, 20 September, 2001). A month later in Shanghai, Bush reiterated that the counter-terrorism campaign was ‘a fight to save the civilized world, and values common to the West, to Asia, to Islam’ (Bush, 20 October, 2001). Following the military campaign in Afghanistan, the outcome was again located within the

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Historical trends and contemporary issues

relatively elastic anti-terrorism powers in a, for some, more draconian way than the UK (Foley 2013 : 3). As with the UK and Spain, France also has a long history of dealing with terrorism in recent years, both from the political left and right, and also related to Islamic fundamentalism (and specifically Algeria). Legislation was introduced in 1986, in response to a bombing campaign

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come from those people associated with an extreme form of Islam, or falsely hiding behind Islam, if you like, in terms of justifying their activities, inevitably means that some of our counter terrorist powers will be disproportionately experienced by people in the Muslim community. That is the reality of the situation, we should acknowledge that reality and then try to

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Meeting the challenge of internal security

reflected the European decision to distinguish between governments supporting terrorists and the societies those governments represent, and then later distinguished between Islam and individual Muslim terrorists. 43 The policy implications of prevention and differentiation place a considerable emphasis on the employment of the civilian instruments of statecraft and create a policy chasm between the Europe

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Cinema, news media and perception management of the Gaza conflicts

is simply ‘responding’. A huge part of Israel’s perception management during the 2014 conflict was to conflate Hamas with the global threat of radical Islam, whilst presenting Israel as part of the democratic world from which Hamas is excluded, although Hamas itself was democratically elected. As John Berger remarks in another context, a sure-fire way to discredit and eradicate your opposition is ‘by calling

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alignments serve both as a key basis for multilateral cooperation and for American power projection in the region. By monitoring the Tajik–Afghan border, ‘Centrasbat’ prevents elements of Tajikistan’s extremist Islamic opposition, which had fled to safe havens in Afghanistan, from returning.28 The regional cooperative security arrangement among all eight Trans-Caucasus and Central Asian states against the proliferation of dangerous materials and goods is another important PfP activity that promotes multilateral cooperation in the region.29 Finally, Central Asia and the

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, with FSU area trade levels rising accordingly.50 The strengthening of the Russian economy was central not only to the economic recovery of the region, but to the prospects for more substantial regional commercial linkages. Even the sceptical Uzbek president Islam Karimov publicly linked the improved state of the Russian economy to the prospects for Eurasian economic integration, while Russian politicians and commentators more openly discussed the use of economic pressures to advance regional security and business linkages.51 We surmise that were more recent, Putin

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The EU and the governance of European security

preoccupied with conventional war, Islamic extremism, and organized crime; Britain and Germany view environmental degradation as a serious security threat). As important, these states have differentiated geopolitical orientations (Africa constitutes a specific region of threat for Britain and France, Italy and France have a direct security interest in the stability of the littoral

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The intellectual lineage of neoconservatism snakes back to Plato. It certainly includes the work of Leo Strauss, University of Chicago philosopher and interpreter of canonical texts (including texts from the Islamic tradition). Milton Himmelfarb wrote that Strauss’s work constituted “an invitation to join those privileged few who, having ascended from the (Platonic) cave, gaze upon the sun with

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