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’Administration (the board) remained the pre-eminent decision-making body, reporting annually to the Assemblée Générale of the 200 most significant shareholders. Additionally, they took on themselves personal direction of a number of the companies they established. MUP_Davies_Pereire_Printer.indd 141 12/08/2014 14:51 142 emile and isaac pereire Until 1852, Emile Pereire had played the major role in almost all of their ventures, all railways, with the exception of the Paris–Lyon. Significantly, it was Isaac who presided over what became the nucleus, the Crédit Mobilier, while

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jobs working for the Crown in such positions as post-masters or as railway workers. 26 According to an unpublished report available in the National Rail Museum in New Delhi, there were, in 1881, 174 Europeans involved in the running of railroads in Punjab, 139 of these in such jobs as station-masters, guards, locomotive drivers, firemen and pilotmen. 27 According to later such

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-upper-lipped restraint Alec and Laura’s middle-class background imposes on them. The sense of clear-cut class distinction may also have been a way of locating the film in a time at remove from 1945, when the effect of wartime life was expected to have made such distinction less obvious. So, ‘comic relief’ may not wholly account for their function in the film. The interior scenes of the film were shot in Denham Studios, where the railway buffet scenes were reconstructed, but the station scenes – platforms, corridors, rails – were filmed in Carnforth in north

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Trembling rocks in sensation fiction and empire Gothic

Railways (1851), and at one of his early novels, Basil (1852). Like the folklore collections by Robert Hunt and William Bottrell, discussed in the previous chapter , these texts illustrate Collins’s interest in Cornwall as both part of England but also a remote and distinctive, even somewhat foreign region, with its ‘primitive’ people and sublime rock formations, along with its mines and other

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from Glasgow. He arrived at the Cape in the 27th Regiment and was discharged in 1845. He went to Natal in 1849 and received land near Pietermaritzburg. He was later a stationmaster with Natal Government Railways, starting at Berea Road station. James Cruickshank (1827–1907), from Stirlingshire, was a soldier in the 45th and then the 91st, serving in the seventh frontier war of 1846–47. After a return

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you take off your clothes, the flies settle on you all day long & bite . . . They don’t settle one at a time but in hundreds. The mosquitos very bad at night.’ 17 Soldiers soon found distractions in the nearby towns: 3 Gordons were found drunk on guard from Alexandria and 12 Riflemen were seen lying ‘dead drunk’ in Ramleh railway station. Deprived of the lash, which had been abolished on active

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The short history of Indian doctors in the Colonial Medical Service, British East Africa

construction project in the region, the Uganda Railway – stretching from the coastal city of Mombasa to the edges of inland Lake Victoria. 15 At the formation of the IBEAC the directors had positioned themselves on this issue: The question of immigration from India appears to the Directors to be of great importance, with a view to

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The backwater

–Salamis road could be made into a military road, with a light railway and heliograph connecting the camps. 176 Kantara was 724 metres high, making it perfect for a summer and winter station, and was two miles from an anchorage (Davlos) to the north and another in the south-east (Boghaz). 177 Fyler criticised Polymedia and Troodos as military stations. Limassol’s roadstead was still

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Diana Cullell

chance encounters quickly gain significance. At the end of the composition, which can be read as a soliloquy, life is presented as on a par with a railway station, powerfully characterising the moment – and the poem itself – as just a link in a chain, a transient moment or a sort of work in progress (an idea underlined also in the title of the book, an errata sheet) and under constant revision. The poem 156 Cullell_ContempPoetry_02_Poems.indd 156 28/04/2014 17:24 perfectly exemplifies the realism and intimate tone favoured by part of the most recent poetry of Spain

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Imagining the female journeyer

(Willesden Junction) [Figure 5], painted between 1871 and 1873, a young woman stands on a station platform.20 She is again elegantly and smartly dressed, in a cream coat a black scarf and a striped hat. She gazes out at the Figure 5  Waiting for the Train (Willesden Junction) (circa 1871–73) j 49 J women, travel and identity viewer with an open, direct and appealing gaze, confident and selfpossessed. She appears to be journeying alone, however, which again gives the journey a potentially more subversive dimension: Victorian opinion disapproved of women travelling on

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