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Caroline Reeves

, Champions of Charity ( Boulder : Westview Press , 1996 ), pp. 40 – 3 . This debate continues today; see, for example, L. Polman , War Games: The Story of Aid and War in Modern Times ( London : Viking , 2011 ). 14 North China Herald (7 December 1894), p. 931. 15 North China Herald (22 March 1895), p. 445. 16 V. P. Suvoong, ‘Medicine in China’, China Medical Missionary Journal , 8:4 (December 1894), 192–9 (p. 199). 17 Atterbury, ‘Red Cross Work in Tientsin’, p. 214; H. Corbett, ‘China’s Claim upon the Church in America’, Missionary Review of the World

in The Red Cross Movement
Phule, Paine, and the appeal to Queen Victoria
Jimmy Casas Klausen

Paine’.67 Baliraja included any religion that promoted 87 The other Mahatma’s naive monarchism human equality and a simple rational morality that did not impose intermediary priests or scholars between a person and God or Truth. Phule associated Baliraja with the British government and Scottish and American missionaries. As such, the Brahmans, besides directly inciting the Sudratisudras against the British, had to find novel ways to protect perquisites they amassed in their hereditary role as arbiters. In the new political context of a British Empire in India, they

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Alanna O’Malley

wounded. Although 200 foreign refugees, including an American woman and her three children, were evacuated, sixteen hostages and one American missionary were killed in ‘extremely brutal circumstances’. Facing the prospect of similar reprisals in Bunia, Niagara and Watsa where hundreds more European hostages were being held, Belgian, British and American military advisors realised that they would need support from the ANC in order to safely remove the remaining hostages, estimated to be around 1,000 men, women and children. They devised a plan which recommended launching

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