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Heike Wieters

Hunter, The Gospel of Gentility. American Women Missionaries in Turn-of-the-Century China , New Haven, CT, 1984; Amanda Porterfield, “Protestant Missionaries. Pioneers of American Philanthropy,” in Friedman and McGarvie (eds.), Charity , pp. 49–69; Ussama Makdisi, “Bringing America Back Into the Middle East. A History of the First American Missionary Encounter with the

in The NGO CARE and food aid From America, 1945–80
Heike Wieters

Elizabeth Underwood, Challenged Identities. North American Missionaries in Korea, 1884– 1934 , Seoul, 2003. 18 CARE, Box 1170, MECM, April 9, 1947; CARE, Box 944, undated, Douglas MacArthur to Paul French. 19 CARE, Box 2, Bloomstein manuscript, draft

in The NGO CARE and food aid From America, 1945–80
Dimitrios Theodossopoulos

Christian missions and churches, along with schools, provided the first impetus for departing from dispersed settlement and founding concentrated Emberá communities in Darién  – a development which the contemporary Emberá see as a positive change, as it enhanced their political organisation (Loewen 1975; Herlihy 1985a, 1985b). Herlihy tracks the presence of the first North American missionaries in Darién to the mid-1950s (Herlihy 1986:  151). One of them was the missionary, linguist and anthropologist Jacob Loewen (1922–2006)11 – a Canadian Mennonite of Eastern European

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Alexis Heraclides and Ada Dialla

and smoking it’. 106 In the 1860s and 1870s, under the guidance of Kung, works of international law were translated into Chinese, starting with Wheaton’s treatise and followed by those of Woolsey, Martens, Bluntschli and Hall (all of them translated by W. A. P. Martin, who initially wanted to translate Vattel’s but found it too antiquated) as well as the Manuel de lois de la guerre of the Institut. 107 Martin, an American missionary and member of the

in Humanitarian intervention in the long nineteenth century