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Vicky Randall

these two forms of racism, namely against Arabs and against Jews’. 7 ‘The study of Orientalism’, he continues: must also include an analysis of anti-Semitism. In the West, the negative view of Islam is part of a larger hostility towards Semitic cultures. If Caliban represents one formative figure in the evolution of European notions of Otherness, Shylock in The Merchant of Venice presents another. There has been a general anti-Semitism in Europe, in which antagonism to Jews has often accompanied hostility to Muslims … There are in fact two discourses of

in History, empire, and Islam
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Michael D. Leigh

‘y’ in her name. 23 SOAS/WMMS/Correspondence/FBN1/Bestall-Findlay, 19 August 1906. 24 F. Henriques, Children of Caliban: Miscegenation , London, Secker & Warburg, 1974, p. 44. 25 V.R. Gaikwad, The Anglo-Indians: A Study in the Problems and Processes Involved in Emotional and Cultural Integration , London, Asia Publishing House, 1967. 26 SOAS/WMMS/Minutes/FBN1/Synod General Letter, 7 January 1902

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