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Jonathan Benthall

tradition.) Cook identifies partial non-Muslim parallels: as regards the increase in religiosity, in the rise of Pentecostalism and Charismatic Catholicism; as regards identity politics, in the Hindutva nationalist movement; as regards the imposition of social values, in the mainstream Christian Right in the United States; as regards the campaign to restore the Caliphate, in a Christian

in Islamic charities and Islamic humanism in troubled times
Michael Rush

right to ‘bolster our Federal-state child support system’ for children on ‘welfare and non-welfare alike’ (Crowley, 2003:600). Instead of being a key date of American re-patriarchalisation, this introduced an American paradox whereby the American welfare regime appealed to the Christian right by exerting punitive power over patriarchy, albeit outside marriage. Another key date identified by the two regimes model was the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (1996), which enshrined marriage as the ‘foundation of a successful society’ in the

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Nicole Vitellone

1999 there was a sharp decrease in the discussion of condoms in classrooms as effective in preventing HIV and other diseases. Much of the critique of condom use came from Christian right research institutes that infiltrated sexuality research and produced misleading statistics and data on condoms. ‘Conservatives charged that there are tiny (five micron) holes in condoms that 26 Object matters sperm are too big to penetrate but through which the HIV virus could pass’ (Irvine, 2002: 116). Alongside this there was a proliferation of misleading information on condom

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Alison Phipps

Brazil. Far-right parties are making inroads in parliaments across Europe and overseas, often supported by ‘dark money’ from Russia and/or the US Christian right.15 Hoarding and defending resources means reasserting borders. It also means reasserting white supremacy, class privilege, ‘abled’ bodies, masculinity and binary gender. Women are women and men are men; Brexit means Brexit. Philosopher Maria Lugones writes that while colonial capitalism imposed the ideology of heteropatriarchy, it invented the ideology of race to control land, production and behaviour.16

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Nicole Vitellone

’s story of condoms and consent denied? And why does Brown’s story of non-consent not include the condom? Irvine’s (2002) history of sex education in the US classroom provides some preliminary answers. Drawing from the work of Austin, How to Do Things with Words (1975) and Butler’s work Excitable Speech (1997), Irvine addresses the impact of the Christian right in opposing comprehensive sex education and Condoms and consent 121 campaigning for an abstinence-only curriculum. Opponents of sex education mobilised claims about speech as performative and as having a

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