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Robert Fine and Philip Spencer

. This is not, for the conspiracy theorist, the straightforward hate figure of the left. Rather, it is a character, or more importantly a group, to which all western governments are secretly in hock: unbelievably rich and powerful, and dedicated unswervingly to its own project, which is nothing less than the complete control of the world. Yes: Zionists are basically Spectre. (David Baddiel, ‘Short of a Conspiracy Theory? You

in Antisemitism and the left
Abstract only
The Holocaust as a yardstick
Amikam Nachmani

thus links the Sabbath goy with Zionist strategy, motivated by Islamophobia, xenophobia and anti-Communism, all clear and pure Israeli interests.98 All this, claim the supporters of the Sabbath goy conspiracy theory, rang ‘very sensibly and logically’ true and led to a ‘clear’ Israeli/Jewish involvement in the Oslo massacre. In fact, as in many other calamities, and as quoted by Günther Jikeli and the Kantor Center at Tel Aviv University, ‘pure logic’ prevails that proves all the above. For example, 9/11 was not committed by Muslims (this is a ‘bullshit’ explanation

in Haunted presents
Philip Norton

a direction that left them perplexed or hostile. His intense logic was perhaps less of a problem than his embrace of conspiracy theories. Even those who were his political or personal friends could be embarrassed by some of his utterances. His austere manner hid a shy and loyal individual, but probably few recognised those characteristics. What does tend to unite friends and foe alike is the recognition that he was an outstanding orator, one of the best of his generation.

in Conservative orators from Baldwin to Cameron
Will Leggett

expansion. This colonises the language and politics of social democracy, which at least used to be about containing capitalism and ameliorating its worst effects. However, those who follow this line grant a vast amount of agency to the political elites who are held to have ushered in this new justification for capitalism, almost to the point of a conspiracy theory. They tend to

in The Third Way and beyond
Critical theory and the affective turn
Simon Mussell

applied independently to different topics so as to guarantee the critic’s rightness in each and every instance. Critics’ well-​worn ‘gestures’ and techniques are said to reveal secret forces and fetishes at work everywhere, apparently giving undue credence to even the most fantastical of conspiracy theories. But at the same time, Latour argues, critics hold their own fetishistic, discipline-​specific beliefs beyond reproach. As he puts it, with the flippancy that has become a hallmark of his recent writing: Antifetishists debunk objects they don’t believe in by showing

in Critical theory and feeling
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An inspiring model
Meir Hatina

such a dissonant climate, when the blame was always pinned on others, self-criticism was nearly impossible, as was taking responsibility for one’s own actions. According to Hazim Saghiya, conspiracy theories took over Arab rationality. These portrayed the Arabs as people who could not determine their own fate, which others set for them by means of conspiracies. This perception was self-defeating, since it made no sense to accuse Freemasons of conspiring against two hundred million Arabs, or to fear that Crusaders would be resurrected and defeat the Arabs. 36 While

in Arab liberal thought in the modern age
Brian Hanley

carries the erroneous claim that it was the Official IRA who killed Fox. T.P. Coogan, The IRA (London, 1995) p. 357. 112 Irish Times, 8 June 1974. 113 Ibid., 21 May 1974. 114 J. Courtney, It Was Murder! (Dublin, 1996) p. 63. 115 Magill, 1 Oct. 1984. ‘The other minority’ 116 M. Cunningham, Monaghan: County of Intrigue (Donegal, 1979) pp. 2 and 110. 117 One of these conspiracy theories was once presented to me in a Monaghan student’s essay on the bombings. 118 Anglo-Celt, 21 Nov. 1925. 119 See Chapter 3 for details. 120 An Phoblacht/Republican News, 20 Oct. 1979

in The impact of the Troubles on the Republic of Ireland, 1968–79
Ben Worthy

veiled or distorted ‘truth’ would be revealed, FOI: hard to resist and hard to escape 5 driven by a ‘doctrine that truth is manifest’ (8). This ‘ideal of emancipation modelled on lucid self-consciousness’ or ‘absolute self-transparency’ was then completed by the Enlightenment (Vattimo 1992). Popper points out how its logical opposite co-existed with it and gave it strength: ‘the conspiracy theory of ignorance’ stemming from Plato, holding that man was ‘blocked from knowing’ by ‘sin’, ‘prejudice’ or ‘powers conspiring to keep us in ignorance’ (2002, 9). The

in The politics of freedom of information
Lewis H. Mates

in June 1903. The issue then dropped until the new reforming Liberal government introduced an Eight Hour Bill in 1906 (Webster, 1974: 227–9, 245–6). While many ILP initiatives failed to garner sufficient lodge support at DMA council, considerable numbers did not even make it to a lodge vote. This was thanks to the implacable hostility of the agents, and particularly general secretary John Wilson. There is no ‘conspiracy theory’ (Church, 1986: 711; Webster, 1974: 26) in recognising that Wilson was a master manipulator: of those less experienced and adept than

in Labour united and divided from the 1830s to the present
Meir Hatina

-tank promoting political and economic freedom. Saʿd al-Din Ibrahim also hailed the new organization as a “shining sun of liberty and enlightened thinking,” without detracting, of course, from the importance of his own institute. 94 Additional causes over which Egyptian liberalism claimed “first ownership” were opposition to conspiracy theories and a desire to resolve the Arab–Israeli conflict peacefully. 95 Besides drawing up a separate genealogy, Nasira sought to distinguish between Egyptian liberalism and the Arab liberalism of Shakir al-Nabulsi by analyzing their

in Arab liberal thought in the modern age