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David Annwn Jones

career of Black Sabbath, the first posters for Goth rock groups had a DIY style evolved from Punk fanzine art; the posters were often hand-made with jagged lettering drawn in pen, with xeroxed pictures and split or ripped motifs and sometimes influenced by German Expressionist art and films like Robert Wiene’s The Cabinet of Dr Caligari , as in the case of the group Bauhaus’s early publicity. A good

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Isabella van Elferen

mainstream. But the scene’s practical relation to these forces is rather more ambivalent than the ideological rejections of Manson or baby Goths suggest. Goth has relied on its own media and economies since its early distribution of (self-made) fanzines and trade of (vintage) clothing. 2 The rise of the internet facilitates a huge online economy of subcultural goods, and has thereby expanded the

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Thomas Ligotti and the ‘suicide’ of the human race
Xavier Aldana Reyes and Rachid M'Rabty

appeared in the United States in 1986 in a limited edition of 300 copies, published by Silver Scarab Press. The stories had been published in horror fanzines such as Nyctalops , Fantasy Tales and Fantasy Macabre throughout the 1980s. 2 In interviews throughout the years, Ligotti has spoken, sometimes at length and earnestly, about his various ailments, including panic-anxiety disorder, anhedonia and, more recently, a severe attack of diverticulitis, as well as of the effects these have had on his literary production. Mood stabilisers have

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1990s style and the perennial return of Goth
Catherine Spooner

Goths in the sense that most members of the subculture understood it, the media labelled them as such and sparked a moral panic that incited American Goths to a good deal of spin-doctoring in fanzines, websites and local press. The present study is based on a survey of the British media, which is clearly influenced by American sources (the novels of Brite and Rice, the music of Marilyn Manson and other American bands

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American Gothic television in the 1960s
Helen Wheatley

), The Turn of the Screw (United/Martin Pope/WGBH Boston, 1999), The Haunting of Helen Walker (Norman Rosemont Productions, 1997). 9 Benshoff contacted fans through fanzines, initiating correspondence and sending out questionnaires, as well as analysing fan fiction (both literary and

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