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The politics of discrimination

reflected that the headquarters of the GRA had moved from Belle Vue to the White City, which had been built in 1904 for the 1908 London Olympics, and had opened Harringay and had sixteen other tracks by the end of 1927.20 Two of its intended tracks –​Crystal Palace, in London, and the Isle of Man –​failed to open, the NAGL having raised a petition of 43,434 signatures against the opening of the Crystal Palace track and the Tynwald (Isle of Man Parliament) having passed a betting and gaming bill prohibiting gambling other than on existing horse race meetings. The report

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The Scottish diaspora since 1707

Capital Total (Commonwealth of Australia) 74,754 2,791 19,403 24,098 261 48,063 1,495 14,200 19,169 187 38,583 1,491 12,146 16,186 102 16,753 537 3,298 3,695 47 20,866 890 4,702 5,733 72 5,230 156 1,145 1,046 11 121 13 43 47 0 71 1 15 26 1 204,441 7,374 54,952 70,000 681 Source: Census of the Commonwealth of Australia, 1911 – Birthplaces. Catalogue No. 2112.0. Australian Bureau of Statistics, abs@.nsf/Lookup/2112.0. Last accessed 15 June 2018. the scottish diaspora since 1707  223 England Wales Scotland Ireland Isle of Man NSW

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divert company funds into their own private bank accounts in the Isle of Man. In Re Contract Packaging Ltd (HC, 16 January 1992 (Flood J.)), the directors were not prosecuted when they siphoned off in excess of £384,000 of company money for their personal use and defrauded the Revenue Commissioners. In Re Kelly’s Carpetdrome Ltd (HC, 1 July 1983 (Costello J.)), the directors were not prosecuted when they defrauded the Revenue Commissioners of €2 million. In an effort to withhold evidence from the liquidator, they burned down the business premises which stored company

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, the Grand Lodge of England worked to standardise the organisation and ritual of female Orangeism across the different jurisdictions. English Orangewomen were conscious of their connection to Orange sisters in other parts of the world, and were aware of how the status of women within each Grand Lodge varied. So, in 1914, we find the Mona women’s lodge on the Isle of Man making a plea for women’s greater recognition and a Grand Lodge of their own ‘to be worked something on the likes of the Canadian Ladies’ Lodges’.322 Efforts to formalise relations between female

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expressly admitting ‘Welshmen and those from the Isle of Man, Anglesey and the Channel Islands’. ‘Welsh national societies’, as the Victorians called them, were active in all Welsh communities outside Wales that were large enough to sustain them. They did not have to be large communities for this to occur. Bangor, Pennsylvania had only a few hundred Welsh, but they sustained various societies, choirs, and cultural organisations and events. The Independent Order of the True Ivorites, a friendly society dating to 1836, was present in Bangor, just as the Druids order

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left, followed by the top left and top right (all taken in the 1960s). The picture on the bottom right was taken in 2007 when the boat was 46 years old. The 1960s pictures were supplied to me by the boat’s current owner (photographer unknown). 1 111 Techniques to extend the body and its senses Figure 24 (Continued). 111 12 112 112 Techniques and technologies regulatory regimes, and working out of many ports between Shetland and the Isle of Man. The boat’s current owner supplied me with a closely written page of the changes he had made to the boat: 22” off

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Working-class English associational culture

certainly continued to be wary of too much public knowledge of their activities. In Calgary, for example, Bro. Beaufort moved in early November 1890 ‘that no communication be given to the newspapers without permission of the Lodge’.52 In any case there was an immediate reason for a degree of secrecy: it was meant ‘to enable us to protect each other and prevent imposition’.53 The Sons of England relaxed the English-only requirements as time went by. In the 1892 version of their constitution, for example, they were expressly admitting ‘Welshmen and those from the Isle of

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