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the allegations of mistreatment associated with it made to British efforts during the Aden Emergency adds to the debate about the extent to which Britain was responsible for the Emergency’s outcome. Declaration of a State of Emergency Aden State was a colony 73 square miles in size – only one-third of the size of the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea

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An interview with Wally Kirwan

administrations within the United Kingdom, but we were always conscious that Westminster and Whitehall had bigger fish to fry. There was no question they would try and use Strand Three to try and pull Ireland back closer into the orbit of the United Kingdom. As it worked out in practice, it was the Scottish and Welsh administrations and the Isle of Man who showed the strongest interest in Strand Three because it

in Inside Accounts, Volume II
An interview with Rory Montgomery

of Man, bringing together Scotland, Wales, the Irish and UK Governments and the Channel Islands, so it’s a worthy endeavour. I don’t know if the Secretariat established in Edinburgh has made much difference one way or the other, but it is a talking shop which has enabled a dialogue between Scotland, Ireland and the UK where there would not have been one before. But the major changes in the British

in Inside Accounts, Volume II
An interview with David Donoghue

Northern Ireland administration, would also bring in the devolved administrations for Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man and so on. This would not have executive powers but would essentially be a forum for discussion of common interests. How you think the Irish influenced situations by applying leverage? One is the way we used the American dimension from

in Inside Accounts, Volume II

confined to the General Department – also dealing with the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, as well as sundry minor responsibilities such as state-owned pubs in Carlisle (Callaghan, 1973 ). Decades of political insulation from the region, despite frequent day-to-day official contacts (Mitchell, 2004 ), had been buttressed by the Speaker’s convention at Westminster, preventing discussion of issues germane to

in The Northern Ireland experience of conflict and agreement