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Dissident republican strategies and campaigns
Sophie A. Whiting

department named Cogús45 campaigning on issues of prison conditions and have called for the donation of books to Maghaberry, whilst the IRSP also have their own organisation, Teach na Fáilte. Promoting the current prisoner campaign is an important aspect of dissident propaganda. For dissidents there are several beneficial reasons in promoting the campaign for republican prisoners. Firstly, highlighting alleged poor treatment of republican prisoners contradicts the claims of normalisation in Northern Ireland. In May 2011, republican prisoners in Maghaberry prison began a

in Spoiling the peace?
Peter Shirlow, Jonathan Tonge, James McAuley and Catherine McGlynn

imprisonment of republicans has always been an issue that evokes suffering and symbolises effectively the ongoing struggle and objection to partition. In 2003, the IRSP’s Eddie McGarrigle urged INLA former prisoners to support the campaign by Real and Continuity IRA prisoners for segregation of republicans in Maghaberry prison, stating that: ‘The IRSP fully support the right to segregation and we

in Abandoning historical conflict?