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Revisiting the cultural significance of the white cliffs of Dover
Melanie Küng

geographical feature that necessarily creates division and opposition, a view that still dominates public discourse. 3 The living conditions for migrants in the area worsened after the closing of the Sangatte refugee centre in 2002. As an increasing number of people arrived in Calais in the wake of the 2015 so-called ‘European refugee crisis’, the term ‘Jungle’ became widely used in the media. The French government had the camp cleared in October 2016. 4 The Poke (2015). 5 See for example Howkins ( 2014 ). 6 As Franco Moretti has shown by mapping the invaders

in The road to Brexit
Geoffrey K. Roberts and Patricia Hogwood

This section provides, in the style of a dictionary, explanations of significant political events, groupings and developments.

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