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A case study in colonial Bildungskarikatur
Albert D. Pionke and Frederick Whiting

-American-Spanish relations as they intersect in Cuba in the middle decades of the nineteenth century. It then moves to a brief history of the major developments in Bildungsroman theory, from its roots in nineteenth-century German aesthetics through its twentieth-century adoption by Mikhail Bakhtin and the English critical tradition, and culminating in Franco Moretti's The Way of the World , which draws attention to the figurations of problematic youth that lie at the heart of the sub-genre. 5 A similar anxiety about youth animates the

in Comic empires
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Lamenting Livingstone
Justin D. Livingstone

he (and it is almost always a he) successfully surmounts. Franco Moretti clarifies the nature of such challenges: ‘lions, heat, vegetation, elephants, flies, rain, illness and natives. All mixed up, and at bottom all interchangeable in their function as obstacles.’ 39 Many of the death poems certainly created a portrait of environmental resistance in which Livingstone

in Livingstone’s ‘Lives’
Will Jackson

Carothers, 21 September 1948. 23 See, for example, the case files of Allesandro Moretti, MMH: EU.M.34/41; Umberto Pagano, MMH: EU.M.54/42; Vicenzio Pinto, MMH: EU.M.40/41; Giuseppe Bartolini, MMH: EU.M.37/41. 24 McCulloch based his analysis on records

in Madness and marginality