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Angelica Michelis

This article engages with the discourse of food and eating especially as related to the representation of the abject eating-disordered body. I will be particularly interested in the gothic representation of the anorexic and bulimic body in samples of medical advice literature and NHS websites and how they reinforce popular myths about anorexia by imagining the eating disordered body as a fixed object of abjection. Focusing on the use of gothic devices, tropes and narrative structure, these imaginations will be read against alternative representations of anorexic/bulimic bodies in autobiographical illness narratives, fictional accounts and a psychoanalytical case history in order to explore how gothic discourses can help opening up new understandings and conceptions of illness, healing and corporeality in the dialogue between medical staff and patients.

Gothic Studies
Zombie pharmacology In the Flesh
Linnie Blake

United Kingdom of the present, specifically the legislative dehumanisation of entire swathes of the population at the hands of welfare reform and policies relating to immigration and asylum, the ongoing privatisation of the NHS, regionally differential cutbacks to public services, and the mainstream media’s promotion of a governmentally sponsored politics of hate. In this, I argue, the

in Neoliberal Gothic