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Neville Kirk

‘irredeemably Tory’. 56 The Conservatives lost seventeen seats at the 1987 election and Labour won twenty more than in the disaster of 1983. The former, however, comfortably won the election on the slogan, ‘Britain is Great Again. Don’t Let Labour Wreck it’. Thatcher and her colleagues boasted that the country was enjoying the ‘lowest inflation rate for twenty years’, ‘record’ spending on the NHS , average take-home pay up ‘21% more than inflation’, the ‘fewest strikes for 50 years’ and an end to violence on the

in Labour and the politics of Empire
Neville Kirk

NHS , to establish a ‘decent society’ and to work with business to ‘create that dynamic and enterprising economy we need’. 45 Finally, Private Eye put a sharp ‘reality check’ on Labour’s triumphalism with its caption of a laughing John Major saying to the grinning Blair, ‘I told you the Tories would win’. 46 Once the election euphoria had subsided, the most pressing question, of course, was what New Labour, equipped with its untouchable majority, would seek to do and what it would actually achieve in its first term

in Labour and the politics of Empire
Shohei Sato

which our situation necessitated. 49 In the aftermath of devaluation, the Labour government was about to push through a set of highly contentious social policies. It was planning to restore prescription charges for the National Health Service (NHS), which had been abolished by the first Wilson government. It was considering postponing for four years

in Britain and the formation of the Gulf States
Settlers’ decisions upon Zambian independence
Jo Duffy

, immigration and the NHS. She concluded by saying: ‘Golly – I’d better go and get my vote organised – I have the right to vote . . . not here, but in the UK!’ 34 Asked what role, if any, white people living in Zambia had today, Gabriel responded: ‘Well, it depends on the person, but I don’t think they contribute politically. I honestly don’t think that a European’s place now is to be political. It may be

in Empire, migration and identity in the British world
Abstract only
Neville Kirk

declaring that he would not resign and that Bevan was not a communist. Yet the Conservatives continued to highlight Bevan’s lack of ‘respect’ for Attlee as manifested in his resignation from the Cabinet in April 1951 over the rearmament issue and increased National Health Service ( NHS ) charges. 113 Bevan’s resignation and the formation of a new parliamentary grouping, the ‘Bevanites’, augured badly for Labour unity. For the remainder of the 1950s there developed frequent and often bitter divisions within the party over

in Labour and the politics of Empire