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The cultural unconscious of the Celtic Tiger in the writings of Paul Howard
Eugene O’Brien

Dirtbag, Adrian Mole: The Cappuccino Years, PS, I Love You and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-­time respectively. Mr S and the Secrets of Andorra’s Box (Howard 2008c) deals with his new job as the rugby coach of the Andorran national team and also with his attempts to cope with separation from Sorcha and Honor while NAMA Mia (Howard 2011) conflates the National Asset Management Agency and the Abba song ‘Mama Mia’, and, like his 2012 book The Shelbourne Ultimatum, it deals with an Ireland suffering the effects of austerity in the wake of the Celtic Tiger

in From prosperity to austerity
Elaine A. Byrne

analysis by the National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) and through the Prudential Capital Assessment Review (PCAR) process has since revealed that the loan portfolio of Anglo Irish Bank was at this point ‘well on the road towards insolvency’.35 In September 2008, the government offered a comprehensive State Guarantee for the liabilities of the six Irish-owned banks. The blanket bank guarantee, as it became known, amounted to €440 billion of Irish bank liabilities which was later increased to €485 billion to cover foreign-owned banks with significant operations in

in Political corruption in Ireland, 1922–2010
Catalysts for reform of the Oireachtas role in European Union affairs
Gavin Barrett

extensive use by the Government (in breach of an express commitment to the contrary) of the legislative guillotine to cut short debate, 150 150 National parliaments in the European Union particularly in relation to crisis legislation. (Remarkably, the Credit Institutions (Financial Support) Act 2008, which provided €440 billion of guarantees for Irish banks passed all legislative stages in less than 24 hours.)22 Beyond this, extraordinarily broad legislative delegations of power were made, both to government ministers23 and to the National Asset Management Agency.24

in The evolving role of national parliaments in the European Union
Photography and the post­Celtic Tiger landscape
Justin Carville

is about to unfold into the future. Haughey’s photographs, in the combination of the ambient light that envelops the half-­built landscape and their animation of the temporal anxiety of the contingent moment of the past and what is becoming, provide an ‘unsettling’ perspective of the post-­Celtic Tiger landscape. David Farrell’s Banamaland comprises a vast survey of the ghost estates that have become the spiralling depreciated assets of the National Asset Management Agency. Systematically surveying ghost estates in each of Ireland’s twenty-­six counties, Farrell

in From prosperity to austerity
Gary Murphy

which it would never recover, while the first Red C poll taken in late October 2008 had it at 26 per cent. Once it became clear throughout 2009 that the bailout of the banks and the establishment of the National Assets Management Agency (NAMA) to deal with the banks’ distressed assets were not the Fianna Fáil and the politics of nemesis 137 panacea for the Irish economy that they had been portrayed by Fianna Fáil as being, then it simply became a matter of how low Fianna Fáil would go (Farrell et al., 2011: 36–7). The social categories it had created in its image

in Electoral competition in Ireland since 1987
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The financialisation of Ireland and the roots of austerity
Conor McCabe

’s Prime Time in November 2010, ‘let’s be fair about it: we all partied’, he was referring to wage-workers and home purchasers, and not to those tied up with the speculative and securitised land-banks, hotels and office blocks that destroyed Anglo, Irish Nationwide and indeed the Irish banking system.55 The damage done by commercial property can be seen in the National Assets Management Agency (NAMA) where the government concentrated the riskiest part of Irish bank portfolios. This was highlighted by the EU Commission in its decision on NAMA in February 2010, when it

in Ireland under austerity
Angela Nagle

social housing project. The site has been described by the Irish Times as a ‘waste of space’57 but it had been earmarked for Public Private Partnership regeneration. As property prices and thus the expected profits from the rent seeking venture declined, the developer McNamara/Castlethorn pulled out, leaving the site empty.58 The National Assets Management Agency, a government project that shelters property speculators from the discipline of the market, has allowed many buildings to go unused throughout this post-bailout period. The pop-up park, much celebrated in the

in Ireland under austerity
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Austerity and the community sector in the Republic of Ireland
John Bissett

’s Thesis, NUI Maynooth 2012.   Unlock NAMA was a campaign established in early 2012 focused on public access to vacant buildings held by the National Assets Management Agency (NAMA). The campaign was launched with a one-day occupation of a large NAMA property located on Great Strand St. in central Dublin. The empty property was converted into a space of discussion and debate around property speculation, debt and their impact on the city. MUP_CoulterNagle_Printer3.indd 189 24/04/2015 16:36 190 Casualties of the crisis in Ireland   Anglo Not our Debt was established

in Ireland under austerity
Actors, institutional adaptation and implementation
Bernadette Connaughton

relating to cabinet discussion on Ireland's greenhouse gas emissions, raise issues about the transparency of government decision making on the environment. A more recent case serving to highlight access to environmental information is National Assets Management Agency (NAMA) v. Commissioner for Environmental Information . In June 2015 the Supreme Court found that NAMA is a public authority subject to the AIE regulations 2007/2011. While action on AIE matters remains relatively low, the Commissioner for the Environment is delivering on a range of contentious AIE issues

in The implementation of environmental policy in Ireland
An introduction to the book
Colin Coulter

the public life of the country.53 The coalition that oversaw the onset of the crisis created a specific body – the National Assets Management Agency (NAMA) – to handle the largest debts arising out of the housing boom and effectively became the principal creditors to the property developers who had been central to the chaos, some of whom were even retained on six figure salaries as advisors. And the state resisted at every turn the suggestion that at a time of emergency those rich Irish men and women domiciled abroad for tax purposes might be required to make a

in Ireland under austerity