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quality criteria proposed by Vibert (and common to the North American experience) include the reproducibility of models and key findings, and the systematic use of peer review. In 2005, Vibert shifted his attention to institutional design, proposing an independent review body that ‘would aim to make the proposals of the Commission more open to judicial review’, since ‘it would identify any grounds for subsequent judicial review stemming from any procedural or factual shortcoming in an impact assessment’ (Vibert, 2005: 30–1). Vibert looks also at the role of IA in the

in Regulatory quality in Europe

, nor, discounting for a moment the Greece-Turkish fringe in NATO, ever seriously threatened to do so. How can this be explained? One of the most popular explanatory theories focuses on the so-called ‘democratic peace’. Democratic peace theory draws heavily upon West European and North American experiences – especially relations amongst member states of the EU – for empirical support of its basic

in The Kosovo crisis and the evolution of post-Cold War European security