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Road Trips, Globalisation, and the War on Terror
Kyle William Bishop

American zombie Gothic films have changed markedly in their tone, style, and structure since September 11, an evolution that expands the Gothic mode to include the mobility of the narratives protagonists, a popularisation of the movies, and an increased engagement with a multi-ethnic international community. To remain timely, relevant, and commercially viable, such alterations must occur, and these shifts in particular can best be explained by the changing cinematic marketplace, the influence of videogames, and the policies and anxieties resulting from the (inter)national trauma of 9/11 and the War on Terror. This essay examines the film version of World War Z as a key text for exploring the current transition from a localised siege narrative to an international kind of road trip movie, a shift largely tied to the popularity of zombie-themed videogames.

Gothic Studies
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Encountering the monstrous in American cinema
Susan J. Tyburski

apocalypse and manifest the horrors of this apocalypse in gruesome detail. The troubled characters in The Last Winter are haunted by a common nightmare – the destructive monsters unleashed by global warming. In addition to addressing our fears about climate change, recent American apocalyptic films also tap into the national memory of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001

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Shoshannah Ganz

the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Together these journeys, I would argue, fermented into a growing sense of the imminent threat posed by the increasing loss of connection between modern human beings and the environment and each other, and the resulting and clearly accelerating destruction of the natural world. The connections between human greed, big oil, environmental destruction and total

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German nuclear cinema in neoliberal times
Steffen Hantke

Hollywood has misinformed the public about nuclear power’ . 6 August 2013. . Wells , Jane. 2012 . ‘Are nuclear plants safe from attack? Millions spent since September 11 to beef up security

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