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Macbeth and the politics of language
Christopher Highley

shown, this same associative logic applied to other outlandish dialects, including underworld cant – the putative language of a deviant subculture made up of thieves, prostitutes, and vagabonds. 50 ‘Witches’ talk’ was another early modern outlandish dialect or what Patricia Fumerton calls ‘“low” or “sub”-discourses’ that stood in opposition to an emerging standard of spoken and written English. 51 In

in Shakespeare and Scotland
Abstract only
Shakespeare’s brute part
Richard Wilson

. That is what comes of the sodomitic subculture of an old quean’s ‘Molly-house’. 110 In tutoring Will, the naughty madam therefore takes the pain from gain with the salacity of another kind of writing on the Tudor wall: the graffiti in the school latrine. ‘There is extensive literary and non-literary evidence that the early modern English did not hesitate to write on walls’, Juliet Fleming

in Free Will
Victor Skretkowicz

accuses Trachinos of violating pirate law, once again summarising its terms (5.31). In a work whose ending depends entirely on the interpretation, reasoned discussion and rescinding of a state law that requires the sacrifice of first-taken prisoners, this debate over so called legislative process within a criminal subculture parodies the main plot. Amyot finds no benefit in

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Romeo and Juliet and romantic tragedy
R. S. White

Romeo + Juliet (1996), an opportunity that must be the secret fantasy of all Shakespeare tutors. The version is as much of its time as the others, this time showing a 1990s youth subculture based on the availability of drugs and guns, idleness enforced by unemployment, a society marked by callous indifference to emotions, contrasted with eruptions of manufactured festivity and spectacle like a

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