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Hayyim Rothman

elsewhere. Hence his work within the anti-war movement and consequent pacifism: no war, no refugee crisis in the Pale. Hence his ultimate anarchist turn: it was only natural for him to join a movement emphasizing solidarity with the oppressed, Jews included — especially given that his Zionism was itself inflected with anarchism and he held anarchism to be consistent with this ‘pure’ form of Zionism. Thus, while Zalkind passed through many ideological phases throughout his career and in this respect appeared to ‘dance at many weddings (Zalkind 1920q ),’ it turns out that

in No masters but God
Sarah Glynn

_Tonra 01 19/06/2014 12:56 Page 216 216 CLASS, ETHNICITY AND RELIGION IN THE BENGALI EAST END declaring themselves officially anti-war, they took no active role in the anti-war movement. The council leader, Helal Abbas, excused this to me on the grounds that, as a Muslim-dominated group, it would have left them open to negative media stereotyping.1 Part of the anti-war movement The reaction to 9/11 by the United States and its allies accelerated Muslim politicisation and gave a new urgency to anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist movements everywhere. Many Muslims

in Class, ethnicity and religion in the Bengali East End
The internal factors
Ali Riaz

one can easily question whether forming a coalition with the Islamists was the right decision. At the height of the anti-war movement, a partnership between Stop the War and the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) was founded. This was later joined by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND). The decision to choose a religion-based organization instead of drawing support from smaller secular organizations had a serious adverse affect on the Bangladeshi community. Some community activists argue that it helped the schism within the community, and the Islamists

in Islam and identity politics among British-Bangladeshis
Sarah Glynn

shortly after 9/11 that Al Muhajiroun ‘have a few individuals who have big mouths and they shout’.87 The reaction of British Jamaat-linked groups to both the terrorism in New York and the war in Afghanistan was firm but measured – in fact very much in line with the wider anti-war movement, but with greater emphasis on the lack of incontrovertible legal proof of bin Laden’s guilt. They regarded Afghanistan Glynn 08_Tonra 01 19/06/2014 12:55 Page 195 MOBILISATION THROUGH ISLAM under the Taliban as a sort of failed Islamic state in the same way that Trotskyists have

in Class, ethnicity and religion in the Bengali East End