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Mass violence, corpses, and the Nazi imagination of the East
Michael McConnell

of nature and society which comprised peasant cosmology.26 Buildings DHR.indb 78 5/15/2014 12:51:09 PM The Nazi imagination of the East  79 constructed from wood and thatch were highly flammable, and even a small fire could destroy an entire community. Indeed, fire remained such an important collective concern that villagers often reserved their harshest punishments for members of the community who committed acts of arson.27 After the war, the anti-partisan operations were remembered as an apocalypse made worse by the fact that the majority of the victims were

in Destruction and human remains
Yehonatan Alsheh

that there have been and still will one day be biological and maybe even social systems that did not and will not produce any subjectivities at all. Often throughout the last seventy years, people have imagined the coming of a society that will bring humanity to its end. Such a nuclear, ecological or what-have-you apocalypse will be as real as it gets, even if, afterwards, there is no longer anyone to witness it, that is, to be its correlate by thinking it.36 Just as an apocalyptic future reality will exist even though there is no subjectivity to think it, so the

in Human remains and mass violence
Abstract only
My exhausted and exhausting building
Mona Abaza

elevator is on the verge of an imminent, final, and dramatic apocalypse that will take our lives and the lives of others, as reported by Y., the bawaab. Needless to say, ‘Amm Sayyed has never been paid properly by the residents, so that he disappears for months at a time, and with some justification. Moving to Doqi UPDATE November 18, 2012: Military and security forces stormed the island (of Qursaya) during the early hours of November 18, burned fields, and when the farmers defended themselves, at least two have been reported dead and 10 injured. It is known since the

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