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Martin D. Moore

were in part derived from the critique espoused by leading Conservative figures from 1974 onwards. 71 After the mid-1970s, Thatcher, along with Sir Keith Joseph, vigorously attacked ‘the state’, its socialist architects, and an undemocratic corporatism with unions as the causes of Britain's ills. 72 State responsibility, they proposed, sapped Britons of their self-discipline and entrepreneurial initiative; robbed individuals and families of choice over schools and parenting; created corrosive ‘dependency’ amongst social security recipients; failed to confront

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The working lives of paid carers from 1800 to the 1990s
Anne Borsay and Pamela Dale

corporatism offered by the Royal College of Nursing.40 Vicky Long (chapter 6) draws attention to growing tension between evoking sympathy for staff and patients on the basis that both groups had to share an unacceptably grim environment and the idea that attendants deserved improved pay to compensate them for the inhumanity of their charges. Ideas of shared citizenship were therefore deeply problematic and an obstacle to achieving the aspirations for better care that lay behind the 1930 Mental Treatment Act. Ambivalence about the aims and methods of treating mental

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Managing diabetes, managing medicine
Martin D. Moore

of the 1940s; 39 the return to market-oriented policies pursued by the Conservative governments of the 1950s; 40 the conflicts embedded within revived planning of the 1960s, beginning with Harold Macmillan's Conservative government (1959–64) and accelerating under Harold Wilson's Labour premiership (1964–70); 41 the shifts between denationalisation, corporatism, and spending restraints noted within the governments of the 1970s led by Edward Heath (Conservative, 1970–74), Wilson (1974–76), and James Callaghan (Labour, 1976–79); 42 and the complex, contested

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