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Sandra Buchanan

, Cross-Border Development, Social Inclusion, Productive Investment and Industrial Development and District Partnerships (in the North only), with a seventh priority, Technical Assistance, supporting the whole programme. They consisted of twenty-four measures, 24 many of which were similar to those addressed by the IFI, with the recurrent themes of employment, education and training and social inclusion running

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Sandra Buchanan

’s priorities included supporting employment, urban and rural regeneration, cross-border development, social inclusion, productive investment and industrial development, and district partnerships (in Northern Ireland only).21 Peace II was essentially a continuation of Peace I, from 2000–04, providing a further €835 million. In February 2005, a two-year extension was announced to the end of 2006, providing a further €160 million. Its rationale was based on ‘the continuing overwhelming need to maintain the momentum for peace. In particular, the prevailing economic and social

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Derek Birrell

councils and the agreed aim was to seek cross-border development opportunities. Local Government cooperation exists in other formats, in one to one linkages, for example, the Newry–Dundalk councils linkage. It has also become common for councils to develop partnerships with other statutory bodies on a crossborder basis. This was necessary because of the differences in functions between councils north and south. Thus councils in the south wishing a link with housing bodies in the north had to collaborate with the BDR09.indd 190 3/23/2009 4:12:50 PM Cross

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The economic dynamics
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Williamson 2000). Corresponding geographically to District Council areas, 52 Northern Ireland and the European Union Table 3.3  EU Peace programmes in Northern Ireland 1995–2013 Programme Funding period Priorities EU allocationa Peace I 1995–99 Employment Urban and rural regeneration Cross-border development Social inclusion Productive investment and industrial development District partnerships Technical assistance €400 million Peace II 2000–6 b Economic renewal Social integration, inclusion and regeneration Locally based regeneration and development

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Europeanisation breakthrough
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reference to the difficult political situation, and established priorities for cross-border development. The EP found that cross-border links suffered from the uneven development between the North and the South and proposed to the Irish government devolution and regionalisation (European Parliament 1987: 7). Outside political initiatives, acting upon its conventional economic assistance and peace dividend

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Sandra Buchanan

EU adopted for its various funding programmes for Northern Ireland. The importance of IFI funding to Northern Ireland is clear when compared to other EU funding. In terms of cross-border development for example: The total EU contribution proposed for INTERREG II is approximately £110 million over the

in Transforming conflict through social and economic development