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Thomas Ligotti and the ‘suicide’ of the human race
Xavier Aldana Reyes and Rachid M'Rabty

Second, antinatalism does not seek to evangelise; its ultimate purpose is not to transform or radicalise non-believers. Antinatalism, for Ligotti, is a thought experiment that reflects his own beliefs about the pointlessness of human existence and, as he has made clear on various occasions, is a proposition he does not think stands any chance of catching on, given that it goes against everything that has kept the fabric of human life alive for thousands of years. Antinatalism is more than a simple opinion, however, for ‘while no one can prove that there is any

in Suicide and the Gothic
Abstract only
The burden of words in Women; or pour et contre
Christina Morin

have shared this belief in the need for evangelising proselytism. Indeed, in comparison to Eva’s gentle nurturing of her students with the Bible, the strident evangelising efforts of Mr Wentworth and his friends are denounced as subversive rather than unifying, and their characteristic ‘enthusiasm’ condemned as socially and politically rebellious. For Maturin, this ‘enthusiasm’ – defined by Methodists

in Charles Robert Maturin and the haunting of Irish Romantic fiction