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C. E. Beneš

–3. 44 See n. 34, above. 45 See n. 52, below. 46 TIE 197: GL , p. 158. Saint Amandus evangelised Francia under Dagobert (r. 623–34); Dagobert's son was Sigebert III ( c. 630

in Jacopo Da Varagine’s Chronicle of the city of Genoa
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John H. Arnold and Peter Biller

out to his companions. What then? Looking, each of them, at the sheaves they held, they found they were bloody while their hands remained unharmed. The venerable Abbot of Vaux-de-Cernay, Guy, was in the country at the time, saw the bloody sheaf, and he himself recounted this to me. [26] Because it would really take a long time to recount in sequence how the apostolic men, that is to say, our preachers, went around castles, evangelising and debating, we pass over things, and alight <only> on the salient ones. All the

in Heresy and inquisition in France, 1200-1300
Paul Fouracre and Richard A. Gerberding

evangelisation in northern Francia, a wave which would all but eradicate paganism from the area. A good indication that there were indeed still pagans in the area during the mid seventh century comes from chapter 5 of the Vita Sanctae Geretrudis , where the sailors on the author’s sea voyage call to their pagan gods. It was the Irish who led this missionary effort and, as was their national wont, they used

in Late Merovingian France
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David Jones

contrition and stressing the importance of addressing the needs of the faithful by imposing penances on a case-by-case basis. In the thirteenth century, confession played a central part in the ‘re-evangelisation’ of the laity, and preaching (and therefore exempla ) naturally played an important role in communicating the new thinking. 55 Exempla on confession often stress the uncertainty of human life

in Friars’ Tales