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Critical essays on Bernard Herrmann and Alfred Hitchcock

For a decade from 1955, Alfred Hitchcock worked almost exclusively with one composer: Bernard Herrmann. From The Trouble with Harry to the bitter spat surrounding Torn Curtain, the partnership gave us some of cinema’s most memorable musical moments, taught us to stay out of the shower, away from heights and never to spend time in corn fields. Consequently, fascination with their work and relationship endures fifty years later. This volume of new, spellbinding essays explores their tense working relationship as well as their legacy, from crashing cymbals to the sound of The Birds.

The volume brings together new work and new perspectives on the relationship between Hitchcock and Herrmann. Featuring new essays by leading scholars of Hitchcock’s work, including Richard Allen, Charles Barr, Murray Pomerance, Sidney Gottlieb, and Jack Sullivan, the volume examines the working relationship between the pair and the contribution that Herrmann’s work brings to Hitchcock’s idiom. Examining key works, including The Man Who Knew Too Much, Psycho, Marnie and Vertigo, the collection explores approaches to sound, music, collaborative authorship and the distinctive contribution that Herrmann’s work with Hitchcock brought to this body of films.

Partners in Suspense examines the significance, meanings, histories and enduring legacies of one of film history’s most important partnerships. By engaging with the collaborative work of Hitchcock and Herrmann, the essays in the collection examine the ways in which film directors and composers collaborate, how this collaboration is experienced in the film text, and the ways such a partnership inspires later work.

Cosmopolitanism and the psychoanalysis of groups
Jackie Stacey

Freedom. For recent analysis within European film studies, see Stephan Schindler and Lutz Koepnick, The Cosmopolitan Screen: German Cinema and the Global Imaginary, 1945 to the Present; and Tim Bergfelder, ‘Love beyond the nation: cosmopolitanism and transnational desire in cinema’.   2 See, for example, Farhad Dalal, ‘A transcultural perspective in psychodynamic psychotherapy.’   3 Cosmopolitanism used to refer to a worldly and sophisticated European intellectual ethos, and its recent return in a more globalised form in academic, political and corporate discourse

in Writing otherwise
Abstract only
Véronique Machelidon and Patrick Saveau

the foreclosures of French memory through the reading of multiple fictional representations of a significant event of Algerian decolonization. Laronde’s methodology opens promising avenues for film studies also and finds its counterpart in Jimia Boutouba’s chapter on the film La Marche, where she demonstrates cinema’s potential to rewrite, complement, and fill in the epistemological gaps of Introduction  5 the official historical discourse. In turn, both contributions share Christiane Taubira’s faith in the corrective and inclusive hermeneutic powers of (post

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Franco-Maghrebi identity in Hassan Legzouli’s film Ten’ja
Ramona Mielusel

choose to keep the expression “Franco-Maghrebi’ in order to distinguish Legzouli from a “Franco-French” filmmaker.  2 Born in 1963 in Aderj, Morocco, Legzouli has lived in Lille since the 1980s, when he came to study mathematics but went for cinema instead. He continued his film studies in Brussels, where he received his film director’s degree from INSAS (Institut National Supérieur des Arts du Spectacle) in 1994. He returned to France to pursue a career as a film director.  3 Ailleurs et ici (1990), Coup de gigot (1991), Le Marchand de souvenirs (1992), Là-bas si j

in Reimagining North African Immigration
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Hitchcock’s secret sharer
Jack Sullivan

Information Services, London, UK David Selznick Collection, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, University of Texas, Austin, Texas Margaret Herrick Library, The Alfred Hitchcock Collection, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Beverly Hills, California Museum of Modern Art, Film Study Center, New York, New York New York Philharmonic archive, Lincoln Center, New York, April 2006 RKO Studio Collection, Arts Library Special Collections, Young Research Library, University of California, Los Angeles, California Syracuse University Library, Department of Special

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