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The afterlives of Ophelia in Japanese pop culture
Yukari Yoshihara

Hayao Miyazaki , Ponyo (London: StudioCanal, 2010). 36 Studio Ghibli , ‘Gakeno ueno Ponyo’, , accessed 3 August 2018. See also Lynley Stance and Daniel Hare , ‘Film Study: Ponyo by Hayao Miyazaki’, , accessed 3 August 2018

in Shakespeare and the supernatural
Abstract only
Shakespeare shaping modern movie genres
R. S. White

functions, and sometimes physical settings. 61 In the first twenty or so years, film genres were only emerging under the influence of established performing arts. The title of an interesting contribution to film studies, Vera Dika’s Recycled Culture in Contemporary Art and Film: The Uses of Nostalgia , 62 encapsulates aspects of my argument: Shakespeare is constantly present as ‘recycled culture’ in

in Shakespeare’s cinema of love
Romeo and Juliet and romantic tragedy
R. S. White

See R. S. White, ‘The Rise and Fall of an Elizabethan Fashion: Love Letters in Prose Romance and Romantic Comedy’, Cahiers Elisabéthains , 30 (1986), 35–47. 32 For some discussion of parodies, see Guneratne, Shakespeare, Film Studies , 158

in Shakespeare’s cinema of love