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Uses and Misuses of International Humanitarian Law and Humanitarian Principles

is to avoid causing more than twenty-nine civilian deaths, because, according to its advisors, thirty is the threshold at which negative reports begin to appear in the press ( Weizmann, 2010 ). Another example is modern flamethrowers, which were first used by Germany in 1915 and became widespread thereafter; in the 1970s, they came to symbolise the brutality of the Vietnam War. The famous photograph of the burned little girl fleeing a napalm attack aroused general indignation

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs

Introduction In 2014, a campaign group posted a video on YouTube called ‘Syrian hero boy’. The clip showed a young boy dramatically running through gunfire to save a girl, and it quickly went viral. The video was viewed more than five million times and republished on the websites of mainstream news outlets around the world, including the Daily Telegraph, Independent , Daily Mail and New York Post . It was also shared by the organisation Syria Campaign, which attached a petition calling on world leaders to stop the conflict. There was just

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Staff Security and Civilian Protection in the Humanitarian Sector

civilian protection focuses on providing material assistance in such a way as to enable civilians to reduce their exposure to threats, as in the often cited example of providing fuel-efficient stoves to reduce women’s and girls’ exposure to threats of sexual violence while collecting firewood ( Ferris, 2011 : 108; O’Callaghan and Pantuliano, 2007 : 35; Slim and Bonwick, 2005 : 89). Projects focused on income-generating activities may

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
From the Global to the Local

, almost 1 million people who entirely rely on UNRWA in Gaza and over 50,000 Palestinian refugees from Syria now living precariously in Lebanon and Jordan ( UNRWA, 2018a ). Table 2 #Dignity Is Priceless campaign For 70 years, we stood #ForPalestineRefugees as they endured injustice and suffering. 1.7 million extremely vulnerable refugees rely on regular food and cash assistance. Average of 9 million patient visits to our 150 clinics annually. Half a million girls and boys attend our 700 schools. That’s their rights and dignity. And

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
A comparative case study of Cameroon, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda

societies which respect human rights. Interventions promoting this ‘golden thread of democracy’ ( ibid .: 11) include strengthening civil society and the rule of law, tackling marginalisation and exclusion, and progressing the rights and opportunities of women and girls (Greening, 2015b ). The second type of development programmes presented as reducing conflict are explicit conflict prevention and resolution measures. These include the disarmament of civilians, reforms of the security, police and justice sectors, and civilian peacebuilding

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The long ordeal of Balkan Muslims, 1912-34

Balkaneski, a graduate of Galatasaray Lycée in Istanbul and the Sofia Military Academy. Radko raided the town of Serres, disarmed the Muslim population, and ordered his men to gather the prettiest Turkish girls. A dozen girls were brought in from the nearby villages of Cuma and Osenova and stripped naked in front of him. Two girls were ‘pretty’ but they were famished and had contracted malaria. The other girls ‘were real village girls, with thick arms, legs and hips’. Radko fed them wine and brandy and distributed them to their men, who raped the girls until they were

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to provide housing. The diverse refugee population comprised large families, as well as orphans and children lost in transit, the elderly, the disabled and the sick, all of whom required a different approach. Single girls and young women were potential victims of sexual violence, and were often provided with sheltered accommodation. By late summer 1915 local authorities imposed a greater degree of control. Governors of Ukrainian provinces ordered local people to accommodate refugees, and in exchange refugees paid a monthly rent,  so-called ‘apartment money’. This

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1973 war and use of the oil weapon), and are readily dominated when divided, keep Arabism alive. So does the sense of common victimisation: the Crusades are part of every school boy or girl’s historical world view; the loss of Palestine is seen as a common Arab disaster; and the 1967 war shamed all Arabs, not just the defeated front-line states. In the 1990s, the suffering imposed on Iraqis by the Western economic sanctions was not seen as the affliction of another nation which, however regrettable, was not the business of Syrians or Tunisians, but as humiliation and

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The case of Ker Kwaro Acholi in northern Uganda
Julia Gallagher and V. Y. Mudimbe

past. Second, the statements about the Paramount Chief imply that he always hails from Payira and the position is therefore naturally ordained and not under dispute. Payira did manage a significant degree of extra-polity functioning over nominally independent chiefdoms in the couple of centuries prior to colonialism, due to the chiefdom’s size and central location in a particularly fertile part of Acholiland that was difficult to access ( Atkinson, 1994: 266 ; Girling, 1960: 156 ). However, historical reference to Acholi-wide Payira

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will we work to help the development needs? I was very impressed to learn both in my visit yesterday in Dublin and then the day before in Reykjavik, the commitment of both the Icelandic and the Irish government to increase their development aid, to recognise that we have a stake in scourges like HIV AIDS, in the failure to educate girls, in the problems of economic empowerment that stand in the way of individuals making a decent living for themselves and their families. So this is a time for people of good faith to put aside their objections and concerns about our

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