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Challenges and opportunities

This book explores the evolving African security paradigm in light of the multitude of diverse threats facing the continent and the international community today and in the decades ahead. It challenges current thinking and traditional security constructs as woefully inadequate to meet the real security concerns and needs of African governments in a globalized world. The continent has becoming increasingly integrated into an international security architecture, whereby Africans are just as vulnerable to threats emanating from outside the continent as they are from home-grown ones. Thus, Africa and what happens there, matters more than ever. Through an in-depth examination and analysis of the continent’s most pressing traditional and non-traditional security challenges—from failing states and identity and resource conflict to terrorism, health, and the environment—it provides a solid intellectual foundation, as well as practical examples of the complexities of the modern African security environment. Not only does it assess current progress at the local, regional, and international level in meeting these challenges, it also explores new strategies and tools for more effectively engaging Africans and the global community through the human security approach.

, which has lost 90 percent of its water mass since 1963 as a result of climate change and increased demands for water.52 Likewise, the economic pull of better work opportunities often drives significant regional and international migration patterns. Thus, voluntary migration becomes an effective coping mechanism Resource conflict and the environment 189 for deflecting the adverse impact of resource and environmental stress for some countries, while at the same time posing difficult challenges for receiving countries in Africa and Europe. The challenge of how best to

in African security in the twenty-first century