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Migrants into minorities

. February 26 2009. Faist, T. (2000). Transnationalization in international migration: Implications for the study of citizenship and culture. Ethnic and Racial Studies, 23(2), 189–222. Faist, T. (2002). Extension du domaine de la lutte: International migration and security  before and after September 11, 2001. International Migration Review, 36(1), 7–14. Garner, S. (2007). The European Union and the racialization of immigration 1985– 2006. Race/Ethnicity: Multidisciplinary Global Contexts, 1(1), 61–87. Gibney, M. J. (2002). Security and the ethics of asylum after 11

in Postcolonial minorities in Britain and France
Abstract only

brings into sharp focus wider developments that can be analysed within an individual city context, and the contents of this book exemplify that view. There is an understandable current political interest in immigration, which has spawned studies in historical migration experiences. The story of the Leeds Jewish community provides a micro case study of the wider patterns of international migration in recent European history. When geographers study migration, they seek to explain the relative importance of the ‘push’ factors which cause migrants to

in Leeds and its Jewish Community

Irish Migration, Volume 4 of The Irish Worldwide: History, Heritage, Identity, ed. Patrick O’Sullivan (London: Leicester 48 irish women University Press, 1995), p. 1; Pauline Jackson, ‘Women in 19th century Irish emigration’, International Migration Review 18: 4 (winter 1984), p. 1018. 11 Kerby Miller with David N. Doyle and Patricia Kelleher, ‘“For love and liberty”: Irish women, migration and domesticity in Ireland and America, 1815–1900’, in Irish Women and Irish Migration, ed. Patrick O’Sullivan (London: Leicester University Press, 1995), p. 41. 12 Kerby

in Irish women and the creation of modern Catholicism, 1850–1950
Islam and the contestation of citizenship

). Modes of immigration politics in liberal democratic states. International Migration Review, 29(4), 881–902. Gilroy, P. (1991). There ain’t no black in the Union Jack: The cultural politics of race and nation. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Gilroy, P. (1993). The black Atlantic: Black modernity and double consciousness. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. Guardian (2004–5). Islam, race and British identity (series). Available at Hall, S., Critcher, C., Jefferson, T., et al. (1978). Policing the

in Postcolonial minorities in Britain and France
Transmigrancy, memory and local identities

. To an extent isolated from the rest of the port, few in the town would have had everyday contact with Atlantic Hotel. An exception was Albert Gibbs who was at school with two sons of the owners of the enterprise, the Dolings. His testimony, recorded in the 1980s, provides an evocative portrait of Southampton as a hub for national and international migration. It highlights the ‘otherness’ and confusion caused to a young boy confronting the smells and sights of Atlantic Hotel and its residents. For Gibbs, its impact still resonated three-quarters of a century later

in Anglo-Jewry since 1066