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Paul K. Jones

-familiar decontextualizing mode of philosophers. 13 Instead, Habermas's pinpointing of the tension between female participation in the literary public sphere and the masculinized political public sphere derives from his complex account of the relationship between bourgeois intimacy, ‘publicly oriented privateness’ and the public sphere. The intimacy of the bourgeois family is regarded as qualitatively new, as is the related development of the intimate letter-writing that provides the foundational form of publicly oriented privateness. The

in Critical theory and demagogic populism
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Philip Nanton

, when they were closely supervised, younger children would shake with fear. Of course, at this time violence also applied in other schools; however, the greater intimacy of the dame school and the easier oversight of its small group made for a more intense experience of frontier education. The ‘isolated’ surgeon The life work of one general surgeon

in Frontiers of the Caribbean
The many autonomies of private law
Gunther Teubner

affinity to the economy as it is predominantly understood today, but also the close relation between private law and the many contexts of intimacy, health, education, science, religion, art and media. This would lead to a thoroughgoing reflection within private law of the distinctive eigenlogics of these various realms of discourse – a reflection which would encompass their internal rationality as well as

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Case studies from the Victorian period
Steven Earnshaw

seek in them the artist who made them, could I be wrong to like French novelists so much’. The appeal to ‘distanced intimacy’ is typical of the modern writer’s view of the relationship between author, publications, and audience. See Steven Earnshaw, ‘The writer as artist’, in Steven Earnshaw (ed.), The Handbook of Creative Writing (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2014). 33 See Alfred Nemeczek, Van Gogh in Arles (Munich and New York: Prestel-​ Verlag, 1995) on van Gogh’s colour symbolism and the new relationship between artist, artwork and viewer, and the

in The Existential drinker
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Identities and incitements
Saurabh Dube

caste.” She brings to bear on worlds of modernity and identity issues of empire and intimacy, nation and difference, race and sexuality, citizenship and kinship, and subject and self-making. Bear’s bid is to detail and describe the generative practices and constitutive meanings of these intermeshed processes by thinking them down to their expressions on the ground. Ever attentive

in Subjects of modernity
Chris Wyatt

-hierarchies) and decentralisation. Centralisation increases the likelihood that organisational structures would succumb to oligarchic control. The growth of administrative apparatus progressively threatens the cooperative spirit in direct proportion to the decline of face-to-face intimacy. Bureaucratisation has, however, been avoided and self-management sustained in the Mondragon system

in Associational anarchism
Sal Renshaw

the broader political contexts of the twentieth century that have informed her writing for the theatre with the intimacy of the writing that has characterised her fictions. It is something of a textual bridge between the ethico-poetic and the politico-poetic that in many ways traverses and juggles the challenges of writing the particular and the universal. While it also shares with Promethea a certain mythic context, its positioning in history, and its reach in terms of epic, function to dilute the focus on love that for my purposes is central. Hence, I think

in The subject of love
Paul K. Jones

's 1962 account of the role of bourgeois familial intimacy in the emergence of the bourgeois public sphere. Jürgen Habermas, The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere: An Inquiry into a Category of Bourgeois Society , trans. T. Burger (Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1989), 48; 260–261 n248. See Chapter 8 . 22 As mentioned above, The Institute also conducted a study of antisemitism in American labour in liaison with the AJC. Its

in Critical theory and demagogic populism
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Antinomies and enticements
Saurabh Dube

. 70 They have engaged issues of piety, intimacy, embodiment, and image under entwined regimes of modernity and religion; 71 modernity in its Baroque formations 72 and its vernacular configurations; 73 finally, the wide-ranging acute contradictions and contentions of modernity. 74 Taken together, here are to be found works focusing on different articulations of modernity as historically grounded

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